The Evolution Of CALL OF DUTY (2003-2018)

The Evolution Of CALL OF DUTY Video Games From 2003 to 2018

List ?

►0:13 Call of Duty Gameplay By @KilikYT
►0:48 Call of Duty 2 Gameplay By @GamerSpawn
►1:22 Call of Duty 3 Gameplay By @PREDATERM101
►1:57 Call of Duty 4 Moder Warfare Gameplay By @hankmanGTA
►2:33 Call of Duty Wolrd at War Gameplay By @RetroDre
►3:07 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay By @shockwave981
►3:42 Call of Duty Black OPS Gameplay By @Best War Games Channel
►4:17 Call of Duty Modern Warfare…


  1. Why am I even here? I play battlefield. But respect to CoD for stepping up their games! And respect to this YouTuber too for making this video!

  2. I feel sorry for the idiots buying the same game every year they just make it look different lol waste of money

  3. Here to binge again lmao

  4. No mostró el móviles

  5. Nobody:
    Thumbnail: L of D

  6. Call of duty Ghost Is died????

  7. like por call of duti lacops3

  8. like si le gusta call of duro gost

  9. I used to play call of duty 4 modern warfair also modern warfair remastered

  10. Cod fans like here ??

  11. They don't even change, always good just changing graphics

  12. Wait a minute all call of duty character had a weird name
    What's more? ?

  13. Call of duty modern warfare 2 reminded me of the little toxic gamer me

  14. 2:10 пей на здоровье ????

  15. I play all cod cod4-bo4

  16. Aqui presente un veterano que jugó el primer call of duty cuando ningun otro salio ?

  17. Gak mungkin xall of duti udah lahir dari 2003 di aja game baru lahir di playstore

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