The Sudden Rise Of Gay Characters – Apex legends, Overwatch & Rwby

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Many people have opinions about the rise of gay characters in TV and their very strong ones. so let me go ahead and voice my own opinion.
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  1. if you're watching this you're mom double gay

  2. We don't need to have lore for someone to be gay, if a guy has a boyfriend then cool.. They dont need to make that his whole character. I agree everything about what you said about 76. People were calling it pandering and blah blah and that they shoved it in our faces.. Now that I think about it, Hm, Ana has a daughter and they've talked about her ex husband and they have a spray with him, OH MY GOD! THEY'RE PUSHING THE STRAIGHT STUFF ON MY CHILDREN! they didn't have lore about her being straight! Oh my god, this is pandering. How could they? Her sexuality is confirmed so I'm mad because this doesn't affect me at all but empowers other people and represents them.

  3. Ya going make me stop playing games earth is crazy

  4. You see, the thing with Blake and yang Is the same as harley and ivy. Its gay characters done right. One gets abused and turns to her bestfriend and they fall in love.
    You dont like that? Well probably cause you're the joker or Adam in this situation

  5. Hey nice to meet you
    I'm a gay white guy in the us military.

    I like solider being gay because for once the gay character isnt a stereotype and I can see myself in it. Making a character gay changes nothing that who they date. If you gotta problem that, that's exactly what you have. A problem.

  6. Kanji from persona 4 fits in this category

  7. The only confirmed gay characters in Rwby are jaunes sister and her wife

  8. birches just stay mad cause they retarded

  9. LGBT+ representation has literally no downsides to it. Sure, some are badly written, but the fact they're badly written isn't because their LGBT+ it's because the writer's are shitty at their job.

  10. you are misquoting the RWBY reference you used lol doubt you ever watch the show because you dont use their names and you come across like some cringe sjw snowflake

    his complaint was that they are hijacking monty oums story THE DECEASED AUTHOR and are taking the story in a direction that was not originally intended just for the sake of sjw LBGT

    he originally wrote blake as being hetero and shipped her constantly with sun wukong

    now every 2 seconds the retarded pairing is forced in your face and they cant stop fucking holding hands and hugging eachother despite never doing that in any of the previous seasons

    the pairing is now pushed by the voice actresses and the fandom despite the FUCKING ORIGINAL DECEASED AUTHOR saying that the RWBY cast was a "sisterhood" and nothing romantic whatsoever

    it has now begun to effect the character actions and writing of the show

    "all I care about is that my sister is safe"
    then grabs blakes hand and runs off and leaves her sister for dead… LUL

  11. Gay people exist. Fiction didn't have any gay characters some years ago. It seems to have a lot gay characters just because there were none before.
    Blizzard tweeting Soldier 76 being gay is Rowling level of bad.
    RWBY is a case of bad writing, as always.

  12. LGBT propaganda is a disgusting degenerative sign of a dying culture.

  13. I don't get why people get so angry about a characters sexuality or even if there fat. Like the she ra remake people got triggered cuz they made a character fat and added a few black characters and a lesbian couple but the thing is that's real life no ones perfect not everyone is skinny people have different skin colours and some people are gay and some are straight we can't just pretend like these people don't exist it makes shows so much more realistic when they have diverse characters cuz ya know in real life people are unique and different. Let's stop with all the hate and just be kind the each over and show some love were all human at the end of the day

  14. I dont like LGBT so that's why stop watching RWBY, play Overwatch and have no interest in playing Apex.

  15. Actually in the good side of the rwby fandom more specifically the bmblb bee fandom (or bumble bee of you must) we think our precious girls tend to show more bisexual traits than gay. More on the cat girl since sun exites and we acknowledge and accept his existence (accept lol tf) lots of thank yous and freshly baked chocolate cookies to you my friend

  16. Forced diversity is shit. If you’re gay, cool, but don’t try to force it into the character’s background. Let people wonder. Leave out sexuality and race. Neither of those should define your goals.

  17. Brilliant. I’m getting tired of these snowflakes.

  18. Being gay is great, I don't know why people are so upset. You love your gf, I love my bf, that's it.

  19. 5:00 Is what y'all came for.

  20. Homosexuality is a very controversial issue. Why would you point out in games that don't even have a story line around relationships, that some characters are gay? You know you risk offending some people with something that is absolutely unnecessary for the game. Why take that risk? That's because there's an agenda behind it. It's because they want to promote homosexuality through games. Otherwise they wouldn't do it.

  21. Just don't give the video game character a sexuality problem solved also yeah I'm on neither side I have seen both sides and it is extremely retarded.

  22. I'm perfectly fine with gays being in games. Just don't make that their whole reason for being being gay. Like how straight people are people outside of their sexuality. Make the characters gay from the start. Don't suddenly change a characters sexuality in an already existing universe if it was already established a certain way.
    I'm a fan of Madoka Magic and it has lesbians in it. It's my favourite anime. Their sexuality is not their entire being. The stories amazing.

    I do think it's ridiculous people go nuts every time a gay character is introduced and its natural for that character.

    I will say Rwby is a bad story when it comes to lesbian stories. They are killing the story in order to force that relationship. They're putting fan shippings importance over story instead of doing story first, relationships second. relationship natural which is sad cuz they could work if the show was written well. (Rwby is going down hill in writing. Ever since the founder of the project died. Every season the story quality seems to go down. The story ideas are good but the execution is not done well. All the characters are being effected in some way, not just Yang and Blake).

  23. I don't have a problem with gay people at all they're okay in my book and I get along with them. The only thing I don't like is how they can be sometimes portrayed in media they will be paraded as number one front and center all eyes on them and how many times they can be portrayed as mentally unstable that is the part that I don't like I just don't like how they are being portrayed as attention whores.

    And also I have three close friends that I consider family two of them are bisexual the last one is full gay and they all agree with my thoughts

  24. Exactly, it doesnt matter if they are gay. But if it doesnt matter why do you have to make them gay

  25. It didn't bother me that Soilder is gay.
    It bothers me that they decided to release that at the exact moment when Blizzard was in deep shit. And they tried to make people forget about it by making Soilder gay.
    They USED the LGBT community to get away from drama. And since I'm part of this community I got kinda mad at them back then.

  26. The release of a big budget movie requires authorization. No authorization, then losing money is the least of your worries. That's why Overwatch wasn't turned into a movie now. Got the money, but not the authorization

  27. There're Platonic Love / Ai / 愛, Romantic Love / Koi / 恋, and then there's Sex. The Homosexual communities are in a bit of a problem here, because some tend to confuse all of them as the same thing. This caused the impurity of views toward the #LoveIsLove / Love is Love theme.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's "The Break Up Break Down" had a relatively nice description of the differences between "Ai" and "Koi", plus perharps some hidden talks about Sex too.
    (Gee, I don't know that the Cutie Mark Crusaders think that Pipsqueak and Chip Cutter are gay for each other in their diagram. Or maybe this is just one sided yaoi shipping in the CMC behalf?)

    Officially, Discord siding with the Ai community (explaining his relationship with Fluttershy), while Spike siding with Koi (explaining his 'relationship' with Rarity). Because the term "Love" is being used to address the "Koi" part, then Discord stated that he is not into Koi, unlike Spike.

    Both of them of course had no problem of 'playing' with Skellinore, which Spike said he had no problem of doing Skellinore despite her… 'obvious disadvantages'. Basically they had a sexist trash talk about her.

    If Sex is about the Flesh, and FiM is not allowed to show Sex. Then a Sex Talk in FiM would be just a talk about a skeleton, because the Flesh is not shown.

    Yeah, Discord and Spike basically just set up Big Mac to get laid with a sexy cosplayer… However Big Mac doesn't have much self-love at the time… Sugar Belle sucked them all like the Changeling she is…

    Like Moliminous said it: "Oh God, it's another 'let's help Big Mac get laid episode', isn't it?

    The creators of the Moliminous videos also kinda implied that Rarity and Fluttershy had the Love Market cornered.

    Rarity had the girlish-ness of invoking Koi attractions, but she gave an Ai style of affections. Meanwhile while Fluttershy also gave an Ai style of attentions, she seems to have the body that invokes the desire for sex and probably had a secret huge sexual appetite.

  28. Nice Paintjob on the Rifle. More Splatoon than LGBTQ though, but it's probably intentional. I wonder… Maybe the Squids aka Inklings actually don't have any gender? And instead they just look masculine and feminine according to what they presented themselves as.

    They are actually singing about "we have no money", because someone ran out on them.

    Present days 'sea food' squids though had hidden gender identity from the outside.
    "Once the mantle (body) is slit open, you will be able to tell whether your squid is male or female. Females have nidamental glands that are white or translucent when they are young adults and yellow-brown-to-orange oviducts and ovaries when adults."

  29. Is this related to the Fillet Mignon voice actor guy? Especially him being accused of being 'anti-gay'? Sorry, but when ever I saw Vic Mignogna's name, I just think of Filet Mignon. That or Vignette Valencia, who probably was planned as a metrosexual male instead of a female. Which makes Applejack's smoke & chimney insult more sexual in the original, as much as Isamu Alva Dyson's 21 fingers insult.

  30. Cardcaptor Sakura's Tomoyo is Yuri-ish in the manga, but Straight in the anime. In a 4th wall break way, the real Tomoyo used the anime Tomoyo to show that she has an affection with a particular audience in the audiences. Some mistook this for Tomoyo secretly stating her koi confession for Sakura. But again, look at her eyes. She is not looking at Sakura, she is looking at the audiences. Giving a cute devilish smile, like the devilish girl she is…

    A similar scene happened to Rarity in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's "The Best Gift Ever". Not as obvious, of course. But she does indeed care for a member in the audiences. She hides her feelings more though, because it's not meant for Pistachio.

    Then again, the two had a lot in common. And probably are avatars of the same entity.

    #SecretSpaceProgram #disclosure

    And yeah, Yukito got transformed into Yue, to make him as genderless, so that his relationship with Yukito wouldn't be homosexual because… Look, 'he' had NO GENDER, okay?

    Originally, Yue was supposed to be Tomoyo, who was Kaho (who had an affair with Touya) before that, and before that was Nadeshiko (aka Touya and Sakura's mother), and I don't know beyond that… Because it starts to feel like a 'Robert Anson Heinlein' story.

    And yes, Yue means the Moon. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. A form of kanji with Two Moon characters can be read as "Tomo", but it's not the same kanji used for Tomoyo's name.

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