80 K/D DLC Weapon Update.. (Black Ops 4)

80 K/D DLC Weapon Update.. (Black Ops 4)

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  1. Mi imimimimimimi gooo funky

  2. Deslike , this is not dlc weapon …

  3. Do u have any videos on hardcore?

  4. Acclove ur vids dude

  5. This man drops a 90 kill TDM then drops a 80 an 1 TDM the next day #ChainFeedsisGoat

  6. Damn bruh idk where the 1 death was cause I didn’t see you fall once

  7. I enjoy watching chain and he’s a brilliant player but I feel he makes the game not fun for others by being so good , people like him should be playing with similar players on their skill level

  8. Y tf didnt u talk about the update ???

  9. Yoooo chain what a nasty comeback at the end, even tho he got 2 gunships, what a trash can

  10. ChainFeeds is too good! I use the MX9 like how you use the SAUG. keep up with the amazing content bro!❤?

  11. You’re built like an ostrrriiiccchhhhhh

  12. Hey chain I’ve been a massive fan since b03 I’m not gonna act like I’ve been subbed since day one bc I haven’t so yea

  13. Okay seriously chain You only have 200,000 something Thousand subscribers Man seriously why have you not hit over a mil yet You are the best I’ve seen on any cod yet ! Hands down

  14. Ay bro you should 1v1 Raidaway brotha!

  15. Hey chain feed I wanna face u one on one I got a Xbox one and I think I can beat u

  16. He has swat riffle but I have swat riffle mkll

  17. if chain likes this comment i will upload on my youtube channel everyday

  18. "drop alike in 5 seconds or this spider going to crawl on you tonight", ight imma head out

  19. Man your videos are cool I like them but as soon as you get scorestreaks they get boring they get all the kills ,but cool man I Like your videos

  20. I get that you need likes but can you stop the spider and just ask nicely to get likes cuz you’d get more


  22. Chain feeds in your last two vids or 3 when you showed your saug class setup and I used it these past 3 days and I’ve been loving it I’m been doing so good with it keep up the vids??

  23. Dribk every time chain says literally

  24. Every time the video starts I turn the screen away because I’m a weak man ?

  25. ChainFeeds Vs EliteShot

  26. stop be salty like a kid and play my men I like to watch you but you pisses me off somethimes

  27. I wanna know why this nigga always posting pictures of bo2 guns like thinking he fools people lol so trash

  28. Whyyyy i worked so hard for a 70 kill game and just wow XD

  29. I love you chain feeds you are so awesome when you drop an eighty bomb.

  30. With Fmj 1&2 on the paladin you can easily take out any streak like threshers and gunships

  31. You should try to use weapons that people don't usually use to drop high kd or even a nuke

  32. Does anyone know how to get pass level 56 without getting to master prestige? Please someone tell me

  33. Chain feeds your bad kid 1v1 me boi and stop scamming us you will lose your bad at this game

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