*ALL* Fortnite Season X Changes! | Rift Zones, 9 Vaults, B.R.U.T.E, Arena Update!

Fortnite Season X / 10 All Changes – Rift Zones, 9 Vaults, the B.R.U.T.E. Vehicle, and an Arena Update is what we discuss today!

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  1. Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts on all of the Fortnite Season X Changes? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher when purchasing the battle pass. My next video should be live within 2 hours of this comment!

  2. i loved the combat baller and the tac ar

  3. I bought battle pass 9.99 for season 9 so that I could get all I won. Then spent 24.99 on this new season pass. Have done a lot of challenges and won many things. Loving this game….

  4. Its 1AM in the morning. -Camping Rusher 2019

  5. Please get a battle bass because I have a battle bass

  6. The thing is what are u suppose to do when two B.r.u.t.e.s Are coming towards you shooting rockets that follows you??????

  7. about 3-4 days late buddy

  8. where is the rift zone locations?

  9. Please gift me please

  10. I'm gone for 3 days and I missed 6 videos

  11. Remember when Epic Games said they would vault the hover board at the begging of season 8?

  12. Why did I get this notification 8 minutes ago?!

  13. Rip quad and yeet pistol… ;(

  14. Can we just delete fortnite

  15. please can i have a battle pass love the vids im subbed with notifications

    epic id is kjtheboi

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