1. Just got it and I got scammed I didn’t get the art :/

  2. I got the juggernog edition.

  3. Yeah i'm gonna buy a copy of bo3 h edition

  4. does it come with the SEASON PASS?

  5. how did u get the poster?

  6. Hmm I paid 10 dollars less and I got the season pass and 3 extra camos weird… It was the digital deluxe but cool edition though.

  7. does anyone know if it includes the season pass please Let me know

  8. Does the hardened edition come with bike town or did you preorder it?

  9. do you get the season pass?

  10. damn i didn't get the poster 🙁

  11. how did you get the poster? and where did you get it?

  12. Damn it! Damn it all! I really wanted those codes. Damn it straight to hell!

  13. got mine early today!

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