Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – I5 2500k/ HD7770/ 8GB

My system:
+CPU: i5 2500k 3.3ghz
+VGA: giga HD7770 rev 2.0
+RAM: 8GB 1333hz
+Disk drive: Kingston 300v 120gb
+OS: Windows 10 build 1024
+resolution: 1600×900 (16:9)
Recording with bandicam


  1. How did you get this to work? I have a 2500k and 1050ti. And All i get is 100% on my my cpu and/or stutter.

  2. can my pc run thiscpu: i7 2600k 3,4 ghzgpu: Amd hd 7770 1gb8gb ram240 gb ssd gonna put it on the ssd

  3. FX 6300 HD7770 8 GB ram can i play it on high?

  4. Fps without recording?

  5. Same specs but with GTX 560 ti 1GB ?

  6. bro, is my i5 650 hd 7770 8gb ram playable on medium?

  7. Hmm I cant understand why I cant play this -.- without some lags

  8. nice aiming bro. help me my specs:
    core 2 quad Q8400
    6gb RAM
    my pc is very very old i think
    many fps i with this game?

  9. is your hd7770 2gb or 1gb?

  10. how man how ? I can't run it on low settings with render scale resoultion on 50 percent

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