Black Ops 4 Download Link :

If you have any questions, just let a comment !

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  1. Sarcasm. "and the aimlock is amazing. "

  2. whats funny is, you cheaters think your fking good lol.

  3. Exactly why i don't buy a ps4 and pay $60 a year to play on the hack station network.

  4. Wont let me get to the web link is there another way too it

  5. Oh you little poor Kids. Got no aim, no friends, no life. Try to cheat with a aimbot ? HAHAHAHA dumb kiddies

  6. Can you help me bro please ?

  7. When your bad enough to need hacks, like come on. You just ruin the game for others…

  8. if somebody spectates me, will it show the red boxes around my enemies? Does it show the red boxes when I play?

  9. I subed can I get the aimbot now

  10. Its a iso data how does it work ?

  11. How to install?
    Its not a exe

  12. HOW TO ACTIVATE: when i download i have just e rename file!!!

  13. Where is download link, and does it work for xbox

  14. Blackout only? Or multiplayer also?

  15. I subbed and put notifications on how do I download link

  16. Never did aimbot before. Any website for instructions on how to install? Does it work on PS4?

  17. How do I add this to my Xbox

  18. Could u send me the link

  19. Where’s the DL link that says overwTch

  20. what button do you press to activate it in-game on ps4

  21. Lol the fact you try to hide youre gamertag…people going to report you ingame anyway

  22. Bro tutorial ps4 ? Cronusmax ?

  23. How do you activarte it and does it work?

  24. do you have parents alive and well?

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