Call Of Duty Black Ops Hardened Edition OFFICIAL UNBOXING [HQ]

Hey guys! this is a Quick unboxing of Call OF Duty Black Ops Hardened Editio PS3 version. This game is World at War style and i jizzed in my pants when i saw that you can make ur private party really PRIVATE with just a switch! It can be OPEN, INVITE ONLY, or CLOSED. So no more random people joining ur game and session. Nothing else to say atm just go and get it and find out things by urself! peace, subscribe rate and comment 🙂 xCuBe


  1. please people add me on psn PTY-_-ReApEr

  2. damn, im getting mine from fedex after school. we play zombies sometime?
    psn: barca239

  3. @xCuBePS3 im sooo jealous of you man!
    hopefully getting it tommorow
    see you on BO, i own you on wager matches 😛 <3

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