Call of Duty Black Ops Vorkuta Mission Gameplay Veteran

Call of Duty Black Ops Gameplay featuring Vorkuta Campaign Mission on Veteran.

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The biggest first-person action series of all time and the follow-up to last year’s blockbuster Call of Duty Modern…


  1. Teacher: we’ll be going to a prison as a field-trip

    Girls: eww no prisons are so dirty and the people are perverts


  2. Mason is like terminator

  3. "We will be free or die trying" So brave and honorable.

  4. One of the best mission out there

  5. So wait, what was step seven?

  6. I’m not kidding random black ops videos keep appearing in my recommended

  7. RIP my boi Sergei

  8. "Victory cannot be achieved without Sacrefices"
    "With all my life"
    Theese Reznov quotes are so heartbreaking because he Sacrefices Himself for Mason since thats the reason he stopped and die, because he reverse brainwashed Mason to kill Steiner,Kravchenko,Dragovich and so Reznov would die with avenged that has been accomplished by Mason.

  9. How me and my friends escape school

  10. Sergei, manhandles two German guard with his bare hands, shoved a pickaxe through someone’s spine, pushed a coal cart while having turrets fired st him, broke open an Arms locker bare handed.
    Cause of death: Door

  11. As a history buff, this game is absolute euphoria.

    “Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice Mason, we Russians know this better than anyone.”

  12. The greatest campaign mission in COD history. Don’t @ me

  13. I’m proud to know all the lines honestly.

  14. 2:35 When you invite your big brother in Minecraft just to punish one troller/griefer.

  15. Best call of duty the all Time. Best músic, best cinemátic….

  16. Veteran you will not survive

    Gamekiller: Hold my weapons

  17. The origins Easter egg right here

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