Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Mobile is Actually Amazing!

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⭐Helicopter in the FINAL CIRCLE ?



  1. ⭐Can we get 100 likes on this video? 😀

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  2. Game play starts at 4:42your welcome ?

  3. All maps are the same as the regular ones? The kino der toten room between spawn and the theatre is different

  4. How do you unlock dead ops arcade

  5. This game out since iPhone 4

  6. Now this game not support my android ?

  7. are easter eggs still possible in the mobile version? because that's the only reason it would seem worth to buy

  8. Love your videos but the graphics on this game sucks

  9. Are there a lot of players online and is it control support?

  10. Can u do major we like on Ascension?

  11. Would you recommend paying for this game now? It was last updated three years ago.

  12. I have play online and the highest round we have ever rich is 684

  13. Do you think I could use a controller for this? Since iOS 13 released and it allows controllers to be connected to the phone..

  14. Too bad the graphics suck but watcha going to do

  15. It's not working on my phone

  16. Are teacher let us go on his tablet and we played blacks ops the aim assist is like aimbot

  17. On Android you can still play online

  18. I can’t get this on the App Store anymore ?

  19. You could play Der Reise?

  20. my highest round is 267

  21. I played this game my highest was 36 was so awesome played wth my sister

  22. I have the game my highest round is 47 and I'm still playing and there will be new call of duty videos on my channel

  23. You do know u can use controller

  24. We need treyarch to bring support back for COD: WAW Zombies Mobile again

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