Fortnite: ALL SECRET MAP CHANGES "NEW POI" + "Rocket Busters" – Season X WEEK 8

Fortnite: ALL SECRET MAP CHANGES “NEW POI” + “Rocket Busters” – Season X WEEK 8

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  1. Gifting is fun, if you want a chance at getting gifted like these just comment your epic games ID and use Code “Postboxpat” in your Item Shop ?

  2. Visitor comment
    Scientist like

  3. Kevin kuberson fires at cattus
    Cattus:Ha Gaadi!
    Kevin uses the power on cattus
    Cattus:OH MY GOD!

  4. Gannon904 i am new here and its my birthday

  5. You forgot the hut in the destroyed soccer field

  6. KeyTester07 and I have been using ur code since the beginning

  7. In-game name: stormerisplaying
    Using code:

  8. In game name:yonnibear2326

  9. my name is KillerGamer6299 pls I want a skin

  10. Tomcat2426 is my epic games name and I love you

  11. Buzzdroid.01 I subbed Hit the bell and liked

  12. Ingame name- blimkblack
    I used Code: postboxpat
    I want the full tilt

  13. This is Many People That Are Using Code:Postboxpat

  14. My username: mrcreep2008. I use your code. you are my favorite youtuber

  15. Can someone help me to get 100 subscribers please

  16. Dusty divot is coming back

  17. I am about to go to see the event it’s 110 for me 🙂 if it’s gonna happen

  18. In game name:jbejcas03
    U use code:postboxpat
    I feel like the more the season comes to an end the more the metor get closer

  19. The part that came off of the rocket didn’t land in Anarchy, it landed in Fatal

  20. In game name- advengcayde6001 I use postboxpat

  21. My Sghost23 I used code post box pat in the item shop and I liked and subscribed

  22. In game name-HARLZMT
    I use your code you deserve it man

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