Fortnite Rips Off Apex Legends Again – Inside Gaming Daily

Fortnite is like that kid in class who heard you quietly say a joke and then said that joke in his way louder stupid jerk voice and everyone laughed while you sat there like a SWEATY FRIENDLESS IDIOT!!!

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[Youtube] Fortnite – Season X Overview Trailer…


  1. Crapnites the enemy.

  2. Fortnite copied just to be famouse, thats why?

  3. Has anyone seen apex ads on youtube anymore? what about fortnite ads.

  4. I think they could add Titans in like a separate game mode

  5. Man, Halo's Mantis gets no love? It actually seems a lot like THAT

  6. That kind of ripped off Godzilla cause he has two brains

  7. "Laptop Brian is hungry"
    Law's face

    His face got me I had to watch it again lol

  8. EA screwed titanfall 2 by launching a week after battlefeild and a week before CoD

  9. Looks a lot like a mantis from halo

  10. Feed Brian now !!!!!!!!

  11. They look more like the mechs from halo 4 to be honest

  12. They didnt copy titanfall it was mostly Pacific rim. Like Pacific rim they need two pilots. The last event was Pacific rim basically. Plus I enjoy apex more than fortnite

  13. Trust me, no one in the fortnite community likes this

  14. Fortnite mech mechanics suck…

  15. Fortnite player base is being held up by the 10 year olds who’s parents don’t buy online for their consoles

  16. “It’s main competition”


  17. They even stole the eva 8( drum shotgun)

  18. Watch out next time Fornite will rips off an idea of Tetris99

  19. Apex should add a drop rate for premium credits to non-paying players with a high enough yield to purchase a season pass with a bit of grinding. Only option for fortnite would be to bite the bullet and give away even more shit to offset that advantage.

  20. I still play titanfall 2 a lot its so fun

  21. I understand what they are doing (biting) but fortnite will never be APEX

  22. Fortnite is the drake of games

  23. Lost planet was first

  24. Wait I'm sorry, since when did titanfall own giant robots and when did apex owned pinging and a player reviving system?

  25. LOL this better mean Brian is back this Saturday

  26. Why doesn't Apex have the cool cell shading art style like in the cut scenes and concept art?

  27. Won't change the fact that continuously adding random shit to your game destroys everything that made it stand out, and your game becomes a mismatched garbage pile.

  28. I think Fortnite should get sued by Respawn Entertainment

  29. Still acting like Apex is even a bit of competition ???that ship sailed already. Fortnite slays a monster with one arm and does the no sweat for a reason…Epic took a shot at Apex during that event very few actually caught on too.

  30. I don’t know anybody who plays fortnite…. not a single person. I don’t know how it’s still so popular.

  31. If they made fortnite into an FPS id probably play it more than Apex.

  32. Titanfall 2 is beyond underrated! One of my all time favorite fps games

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