Fortnite Vs Minecraft Vs Roblox – Sub Count History (2010-2019)

The complete history between fortnite vs minecraft vs roblox vs fortnite topic vs minecraft topic vs roblox topic from 2010 to 2019… Hope you gonna like it πŸ˜€


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  1. I thought roblox was created in 2006

  2. Minecraft always is the best

  3. Sub count doesnt show how good the game is, show Us player count

  4. minecraft and fortnite starts fighting
    Roblox: t h i s i s f i n e

  5. False fortnite not out 2015

  6. Roblox is best ya idiot

  7. U should have done this is player count then roblox would be ahead with over 1 billion ?

  8. just put a random number of our favorite games and get views.


  10. Nooooooo poor roblox it had the least

  11. Some random little kid: β€œcome on Fortnite make it to the top come on”

  12. Minecrap is a absolute peice of shit and a whoer on the door but roblox is a goat its soooooo much better

  13. MINECRAFT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You will suck at rating

  15. FORTNITE came out 2011!?

  16. Roblox subs are low but lovers are more

  17. At the end of the day,
    Let’s just say,
    Minecraft is better,
    So yay

  18. 2010 Roblox: We Are The Top!
    Minecraft: Hold My Beer 0:02

  19. This video is so inaccurate

  20. In 2019 Minecraft and roblox are the best

  21. I first played minecraft then roblox then fortnite and rn i play any really

  22. Every game is cool

    But I think Minecraft is the best

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