From Apex Legends to Titanfall 2 | Transitioning into the Fastest FPS Game on the Market

Don’t call it a comeback
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Videos worth watching if you’re new to titanfall

All Mobility Moves & Tricks Explained

How to Slingshot and Grapple Anywhere

It just makes me happy – Dj…


  1. Come November and I will have been playing TF2 for a year now – I just got g11 and I had no idea what the yellow boost meter was or meant.

    Paper is God

  2. Is the sensitivity the same in both games?


  4. Imagine instead of dropping in a battle arena,
    We fall…

  5. This outro has aged well…

  6. I really want to buy it but can anybody tell me how much are online on Xbox?

  7. how to do br for ea use all content of titanfall (not the titan) and do a battle royal

  8. The transition from Titanfall to any other game is slow af

  9. what if i played titan fall before apex
    and titan fall i would say is way better than apex

  10. If u play on Xbox can I do videos with u… pls I’m trying to start my on but don’t now how to start it.

  11. i cant wait for new pilots to complain about fucking tone and a-wall

  12. U mean titanfall 2 to apex dum dum

  13. apparently you haven't played Quake if you think that Titanfall 2 is the fastest FPS game on the market xD

  14. Apex is pathetic campare to tf2. But both games have the same problem and it's called electronic arts.

  15. I’ve been playing since the start but I still can’t pull off bunnyhops fsr.

  16. 8:52 A headshot with epg?!?!?

  17. "I'm glad to have you"

    Yup. It's been fun scoring 300+ here and there against a bunch of obvious noobs.

    Stop helping them. ?

  18. Who’s playing titanfall before Apex Ledgeds

  19. When I first played titan fall 2 I played the gauntlet for like an hour and then I jumped into campaign on hard mode and I had a blast

  20. People seem to forget that TF2 has a decent campaign as well ?, I really enjoyed it

  21. I got a Kraber team wipe since I mainly use Kraber in TF2.

  22. What if they add a titan to Apex Legends?

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