Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review

Jonathon Dornbush reviews Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the next walking RPG from the creators of Pokemon Go.

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  1. Tried for few hrs…. f this game its trash

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  3. Not heard anyone talking about this apart from one of my HP obsessed friends. I really think they were trying to beat Pokémon GO but HP really doesn't have the same reach

  4. He has a point. Why the hell is it called gold, rather than Galleons???

  5. how hp would have been great
    – Rename engery to mana (put in a regen 1+ / minute, "stats / items can make it better ")

    – Make spells (being able to use all spells if you have the stats)

    – Dueling multi player
    – Remove book put in items (mmo style)
    – Put in spell/artifact research (find parts of items / spell patronen)
    – trading items
    – shop for ingredients
    – real money only be used for speed leveling items or cosmedic items

  6. Why do we keep letting Niantic Labs make these games? Do you people really want another Pokémon go scenario but this time with Harry Potter?

  7. No one plays it in my area and that's sad.

  8. so few inns and so few spawns, sigh this is for city players for sure. My friends stopped playing this game because rural players get foked and now days its very very few that plays WU at all. Those i meet plays Pokemon……

  9. I entered a fortress and had to play against a spider. I have terrible arachnophobia, so I literally dropped my phone. I couldn’t carry through with the fight. I wish there was a way to make certain enemies appear instead of them lol.

  10. It's another trash freemium mobile game surprise surprise.


    It's boring shallow garbage that spits in the legacy of the Pokemon RPG and Trading Card Games.

  11. yeah looks wack loll

  12. Meh, i'll just stick to Ark Survival Evolved. The griffons in there are way cooler imo. And you know, i can ride them, commend them, breed and raise them, fight bad guys with them, the list goes on. ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

  13. This was dead on arrival

  14. 208 salty, braindead slaves to JK homosexual Rowling have disliked this video.

  15. It would make me want to play it if you actually gained back stamina over time. It's harder in residential areas with long spaces between inns and such.

    I also think stamina should have been called Mana. At least the portkeys are kind of cool

  16. The biggest issue is the fact that you keep coming up against the same foundables over and over and over…. This is the biggest issue that keeps this game from greatness

  17. Seems like a let down.

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  19. Lets all agree to call this game harry potter go

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  21. It’s sad because it’s evident that they did put some thought into it and it could be a super fun game, it just nobody plays it. I felt the character customization is a “in the works” type deal, but I download a game that I expect to be final. Not a base for adding additional content soon.

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  23. It's nothing but a poor attempt at a money grab, seriously how dare you give anything above a 4

  24. honestly suprised it got a 6.7

  25. How many people just skipped through all of the dialogue

  26. Can you get literally anyone else to do this? This guys voice is so annoying

  27. It's a Pokémon Go knockoff. Big deal…

  28. Hey, we should partner up as i have been focusing my channel on the game! I actually did a distance test to finally prove that 1km does NOT equal 1km in the game.

  29. Very bad game .. Boring

  30. i can’t watch this, i ran out of energy

  31. For me only that one works wonderfull WIZARD . IHACK . CO ( without spaces) Added A lot of resources to my profile already.

  32. Yep, still waiting on that leaked Harry Potter game and Spellbound.

  33. I am huge Harry Potter fan and I am not going to play this I rather play Pokémon go.

  34. Never even got to fly on charizard 2/10

  35. the game was out few days ago & people are getting unlimited gold & EXP on : harrypotteralive com (replace the space with a dot) , pokemon go scenario is repeating again 😀

  36. How about trying to give us another console Harry Potter game!

  37. 6.7/10 too many Confoundables

  38. The name of my review would be: Mischief Not Managed.

  39. You have to remember. Pokemon Go took a little bit to get better too.

  40. played for 1 week and end up reinstalling pokemon go

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