How to Install PUBG Lite From Any Country

-Proxfier Download:

-Proxifier Thailand List:

-PUBG Lite Download:

Stream info: Every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST and random weekend times.

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  1. for me it says forbiddem 403

  2. so when the free trial of the proxy ends can you still play pubg lite?

  3. Why it didn’t work with me???

  4. Can I install PUBGLITE before I used the Proxifier?

  5. you are god! thank you so much!

  6. What ping u got via proxifier and the thai proxy??

  7. when i exit from proxifier it disconnects me for cheating or something like that

  8. thanks for an error called servers are too busy

  9. Btw nord vpn May coast money but it is the fastest and safest vpn for pubg lite plus it’s on safe right now

  10. I changed my time to Tokyo +9:00 and I use nord vpn and pubg lite works fine

  11. If you are from north american, set IP from brazil, it will be much better. Click like so people can see it.

  12. Finally not an Indian

  13. you can also turn off proxifier during the download to speed it up.

  14. But thé installation be slow when i on thé proxifier can i off it during the installation and afer it i put the proxi on???

  15. Server Are Too Busy,
    please try again later ??????

  16. thanks brother it work

  17. This game is a lost cause the support doesnt even care, bunch of robots replying to your emails, people getting hardware bans for no reason.

  18. How to play pubg lite from the United States in Latin America?

  19. I installed the game before installing proxifier, is that ok ?

  20. hhow do i chat in game or pinpoint attacker like in pubg mobile

  21. it says servers are too busy

  22. Thanx so much it realy worked thanx

  23. what happens when that 31-day trial is finished? will it not work anymore?

  24. My friend you solved my problem tank you a lot a bibg like for you, im whatching others videos and dont work, man you are the guy 😀

  25. have a hard time to get pubg connected

    download took me 3 hours+

  26. that fucking intro tho… lol

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