LUCKY vs PRO vs HACKER – Apex Legends Funny Moments #5

Apex Legends Moments: LUCKY vs PRO vs HACKER – Apex Legends Funny Moments #5
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  1. If I find a hacker in real life I will fuck the shit out him

  2. I left the video bacause of the music

  3. I have that skin for blood hound yet I'm a noob

  4. If only they knew you can destroy doors

  5. I hate compilations with music…..

  6. As the bomb blew up at 5:55 my phone fell on my face

  7. Only OGs remember the ultimate exelerant icon in the first clip

  8. Why do you have a stupid as heck song in the background

  9. Yes I’ve bean wating for this

  10. En when were the hackers

  11. Can I get your ps4 name or your Xbox name so I can play with you

  12. Im none of them im a normal player i get like 2or3 kill one game my record is 6kils

  13. Hahahaha lol tgat last clip w/ a comment
    "No fucking way"
    Hahahaha damn

  14. 2:06
    Me: grabs sledgehammer smashes playstation

  15. A pro player is a guy that probably dominates everyone else with the fattest character.

  16. I was thinkn this video was like the other trash i see but this THIS IS GUUD

  17. Donde esta la diferencia? Culero

  18. Hides behind downed teamate whos using knockdown shield* #survivalofthefittest

  19. saw this for the 5th time


    1:502:55 ah yes reminds me of 1942 exaggerated kill count for a lot of unneeded gas

  20. Half of these clutches are because the enemy is trash and can barely even shoot straight lol but good vid anyway ✌️

  21. Literally recorded on a potato

  22. You should separate pc and console

  23. How was this "lucky vs pro vs hacker"?


  25. This is autism bringing it to apex

  26. If you are trapped all you need to do is jump and melee the door

  27. Doing anything to hit that 10:00.

  28. U never said who was lucky who has a pro and who was a hacker

  29. I’ve never met a hacker in this game, just bots

  30. Was that clip at 7:30 just because someone got a kill with the alternator and that hadn’t been filmed yet?

  31. Lol 4:01 this guy legend lol

  32. He recoded with a potato

  33. OxIg3N e cel mai bun player
    OxIg3N is the Best Apex legend player!!!

  34. People at the start could've kicked the door down but guess know one about that

  35. Опять этот баян – везучий , про , хакер . Боже…

  36. 0:22 they could of broke down the door

  37. 6:36. play it with x0.25. the moment when his aim locks down the target. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  38. Trash! Saw some of these on other channels with better content. Utter bs, title sucks, music eh… 2/10

  39. Kick the door you can break it if you get trapped

  40. Plz stop with the
    You guys are mocking it
    Plz stop it

  41. holy shitty quality wtf

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