NOT WORKING Play Pokemon Go On Pc Or Laptop Using Nox App player EASY NO Bluestacks

NOT WORKING ANYMORE. Niantic has rolled out a new CAPTCHA Security update for pokemon go it blocks 3rd party apps , bots and maps. not sure when it will be fixed if ever.

This video is intended as a proof of concept and only for education purposes only .
I do not recommend using this at all it’s intended for educational purposes only.

when cheating with any game there is always a chance of being banned i do not recommend doing this. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK



  1. UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE PLEASE TRY AGAIN that's the message it gives me every time I try to login

  2. i cant even restart nox

  3. adjusted my setting to the one in the video but pokemon go says it cant athenicate

  4. I tried bluestacks and and it not working… Thought I look into to see if there any other android to pc and found some names… Now I am trying this Nox. Only issue is I'm having the same issue with bluestacks, in pokemon go, I keep getting the "Unable to authenticate" pop up. Is there any way I can fix this?
    I'm still going to try and miss around with it some more.

  5. now i can play pubg

  6. can't enter ingame with any account, even a new one

  7. It worked for me only for a week Now i cant login anymore but i can still login on my phone I don't get that

  8. Interesting that this video was suggested. I haven't played Pokemon Go in years.

  9. You can also check into our site we have made an awesome guide to Install Pokemon Go on PC.

  10. working but i cant get pokestop is black colour an i am not getting pokeballs

  11. dont risk getting banned?

  12. It doesn't work. loading forever. lol

  13. to run nox desable your window defender and anitvirus

  14. Can we download nox on android and share it to computer will it work?

  15. Link below which Pokémon go download on this link Where is the file downloaded

  16. This does not worked I try it

  17. i'm unable to play pokemon go. pokemon go says it can read i'm using an emulator

  18. I think pokemon go banned emulator

  19. But when I open pokemon go,it says you will get banned for playing in pc.Plz Help

  20. excuse me sir but it shows unable to authenticate while logging in using google account

  21. Does this work currently?

  22. Is now still working on now?

  23. So NOX doesnt work now?

  24. can't use it now?
    I install it many times but it doesn't work!

  25. if u jump around and get soft banned u can open pockestops turn them and close them and again and again and again. after about 20-30 time u will get out of soft ban

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