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Pokemon Go Apk Download Offline Installer for Android on

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  1. can you help me to install it???

  2. laggy po ba Hindi ko pa kasi ma try buying new device: )

  3. how about in the philippines?? =(

  4. the hotspot wont even let me change my country

  5. isn't the game available in India??…..i don't see it on play store…

  6. Parsing Problem _! Its only for Lollipop Version ? My Version is Kitkat 🙁 Always Parsing Problem

  7. Someone please help! I downloaded the VPN and fake GPS but the official Pokemon Go beta test sign up says the site is not available in my country but it only says that when the VPN is on. When I take it off the page loads like normal. The game itself is stuck on the loading screen, a common problem. Also on my account on Pokemon.com in the settings it has settings for Pokemon Go and I was wondering if anyone else has that? thanks~

  8. how do you install it?

  9. Cool Game it works using fake gps and vpn

  10. ano po pangalan ng vpn?pati po ung server?

  11. do we really have to move while playing pokemon go like if it says next pokemon 200m then do we have to move 200m in real life to get it

  12. hi, how I can play this game? I have it but it not pla because i am not invited

  13. what is general sign out

  14. I can play this in phillipines ?

  15. How do I get passed the loading screen?

  16. Hi can you please help me on what starter Pokemon best to pick first? also what is poke ball? how to use it?

  17. Dude I am using a Cherry Mobile Fone it works 100% there are 151 pokemons inside.great generation 1 indeed.

  18. how to play it on android? it stuck when Get loading

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