Pokemon Go :Niantic BANNED 500K Spoofers.22K on Ingress,2k Sends Goons To Youtuber SupMatto's House!

borderlands 3 supmatto

Take Two Targets YouTuber At Home With Private Investigators Following Borderlands 3 Leaks Games Sends 2 GOONS To Intimidate Borderlands 3 Youtuber Supmatto

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  1. Pokemon Go : Gen 5 Is Coming. Giovanni's Debut Is Closer Pokemon Card Sells Foe 107k, Parent Angry + https://youtu.be/8hc7kpkrSQo

  2. Couldn't happen to a better group of people. Was getting very tiresome taking down a gym in a park. Like in water park that closes to the public at 8, Only to have it flip at 10.

  3. Finally! Banned all spoopers!

  4. I still wait until they clean out THE gym spoofers in My small village

  5. ?Theives love dropping big fat deuces?

    ?they drop big fat deuces?

  6. This is best strip you’ll ever done keep up the great work dude

  7. They have rats like you spying on peeps to rat them out

  8. I think you may be a bit late, mainly because of what Take-Two/2K managed to get YouTube to do with his (SupMatto's) channel.

    (A direct sign of how corrupt companies get what they want….. (They went after a innocent & now there's no way to contact him…))

    (Not meaning anything bad ; just mentioning the outcome of what Take-Two did)

  9. What about people who use iv checkers (pokegenie & calcy iv), gotchas, and multiple accounts? I really wonder if they are doing ban waves for this.

  10. People spoof ingress so they can grind to level 10 so they can submit portals in their rural area so they can play legit.

  11. 500k spoofers is a lot. But I didn't hear the words "all the spoofer accounts have been banned".

    So no I dont think they've done enough.

    The "Goons" are PI's they talked to the guy. They didn't beat his ass, or break any bones. So that's a nonstarter for me.

  12. I still see spoofers in my area. its annoying and nothing has changed even with the massive ban wave.

  13. they band my account without spoofing

  14. Weren’t you once a spoofer?

  15. The 2k news is old not new keep up

  16. Hell yeah! If you can't play legit don't play at all! Spoofers wanna ride the wave! Right down the toilet bowl!

  17. Well niantic is the company that makes the games and I’m sure there within there rights to ban ppl and of course we all know they have to do certain things because they have ppl to answer to. But and this is a huge BUT if they were to add a joystick in a game that can be turned on an off for those of u that do not want to use it and make it to where u can walk say up to a certain radius from where ur at. There wouldn’t really be any spoofers. And they’d clean up money from everyone. As for hpwu hey the game already flopped losing more ppl that were say spoofing but also making them money with not that many ppl playing there shooting there selves in the foot, as for 2k sending ppl well if it was a casual sit down talk then it’s all cool but if not they were thuggin it. As for the news Wave ? I like however I get it but this does give more info early in the morning which is good?

  18. I thought spoofing was killed? Why the need for a ban if spoofing is dead? And what do you mean OUR team? You was spoofing too! You mixed up bro?

  19. This is how the government wants to control your life

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