** PUBG MOBILE vs FORTNITE MOBILE vs ROS Gameplay Comparison **

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  1. Fortnite : kid
    Ros : teens
    Pubg : adult

  2. Ros is the best game

  3. Fortnite is not easy i swear

    But if you play it it so fun?

  4. Fortnite back then was good but now too many sweats and tryhards

  5. WTF are you lagg bro??

  6. The character of ros walk like a bot?

  7. Fortnite is for kids PUGB is the memes

  8. Pubg ?
    Fortnite comment
    Rules of survival ?

  9. Fortnite so many toxic players evn u pro and u r a default dey call u a noob

  10. Ros is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  11. Fortnite is good to play?
    Fortnite win

  12. PUBG – Realistic,Original,BetterGameplay
    RoS/Fortnite – Trash game for kids

  13. Graphics- Pubg
    Fortnite- Gameplay
    Simplicity/Easiness- Rules of survival

  14. I like the three of them Why?

    Pubg= Good Graphics
    Fortnite= Can Build and destroy
    Ros: Easy Game (but some hackers)

  15. I prefer fortnite and pubg than the Rules of hackers

  16. pangit yung pubg kasi napaka kingkoy

  17. Ros is fake just copying the fortnite it just the worst game in the universe

  18. We can agree that ROS is the worst out of these 3

  19. Fortnite is fun but to hard to play
    Pubg is fun to but I'm bored to find a enemy .
    Ros it to popular in Asia but I don't like it because it to lag .

  20. if pubg was free to play it is the end of fortnite

  21. Pubg mobile is the best battleroyal game in the world pubg fans like here

  22. I love pubg mobile to much winner

  23. Ros for street children

  24. This is my opinion
    1. PUBG Mobile because it is not laggy, there are only a few glitches, smooth gameplay, and there are different gamemodes, and it has 4 maps: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.
    2.Fortnite Mobile because it isnt available on Android yet, and the controls aren't very good
    3.RULES OF SURVIVAL because it needs a lot of space, there are many hackers, and it lags a lot, aside from that i dont have any other reasons of putting ROS in No. 3.
    By the way I am a Filipino

  25. Fortnite is for babys pubg is for mans

  26. i like ros and fortnite Because From PUBG So Many Bots So I hate PUBG

  27. Ros is more great because cool shirts and pants with vip

  28. minecraft is paid like pubg
    roblox is free like fortnite

    No PUBG no forthnight
    No PUBG and forthnight NO ROS

    ROS no originality
    ROS get FORTHNIGHT cartoons graphics
    ROS get PUBG Design

  30. pubg like
    fortnite comments

    Can I get 4 like

  31. I'm planning on switching to Pubg cause a lot of people says Pubg is better that ROS. Any advice
    BTW I play ROS

  32. 1pubg
    3rules of hacker
    Fortnite and pubg are
    Legend and good

  33. Everyone likes pubg and fortnite the best is pubg second best is fortnite third best is ros ros is laggy pubg is not and fortnite I've being playing pubg for 4 month but I never play fortnite before my dad and my big bro were playing pubg thats why my favorite one is pubg

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