REACTING to the NEW FASTEST Editors in Fortnite Mobile…

REACTING to the NEW FASTEST Editors in Fortnite Mobile…

Adamz –
Balle –
Drippy –
Moodeh –
Jimmy –

Twitter – @grantthegoatyt
Instagram – @grantthegoatyt


  1. i did not expect these edits…

  2. Grant react to fledermuesly “he can do Mongraal turtles on mobile “

  3. they don’t have 2 arms, they have 20

  4. Adamz deleted his channel

  5. You just played fortnite with this guy he is the best ?

  6. I think it's Jimmy

  7. Salut eu sunt Nati am10 ani

  8. I want to play Fortnite but I have to go to school

  9. i think jimmy is the best editer

  10. 90% of fortnite players:*cant tell the difference between a real mobile player and a wireless controller

  11. No presté atención y pense q era renzocenation

  12. You’re jealous because every mistake you make she want to say it out loud

  13. Who’s better Adamz or Drippy

    Like: Drippy

  14. I literally got a fortnut ad before this video started

  15. Me:recording myself editing slow

    Me again:editing the clip and making it fast and posting it on Twitter
    Him:”does a video wow!! He edits super fasttt omg!!”

  16. Stop coughing into the intro

  17. Es falso, no se puede hacer eso en celu

  18. *mongraal left the chat*

  19. Roses are red violets are blue I liked my own comment wait it turned blue

  20. Switch to pc for 24 hours

  21. Take a look at lunxonmobile he us so good

  22. Those guys are better than sway

  23. How many voice cracks did he have

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