The New Shotgun Meta – Pump Shotgun vs Combat Shotgun! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

In this video, I talk about the new shotgun meta since content update 9.30 #1. This update was one of the best and most surprising updates I’ve ever seen from Fortnite. Epic did the unthinkable and unvaulted the pump, suppressed smg, shockwave grenades, and revolver. They also made a ton of great balance changes and vaulted a bunch of items including the rift-to-go and impulse grenades. The question now arises of which is better: the pump or the combat shotgun? I dive into my reasoning for…


  1. You lads picking up the pump or the combat?

  2. Just wait until the Gold Pump comes back

    Highly doubt it, but hope it happens

  3. The only thing that matters is jerian like L2 spamming

  4. Bruh I switch golden combat for a pump

  5. Solo games..ur choice and overall does depend on playstyle.. squads? Take the has range therefore better for teamplay. Old vid but mega tac is slept onnnnnnn

  6. I always pick green or blue pump over any combat

  7. The combact is a spray gun
    And I hate spray guns

  8. #they nerfed the combat pump is better 100% OMG I NEVER GOT 3 LIKES BEFORE THANK YOU SO MUCH

  9. PUMP is way BETTER than THE TRash combat

  10. I took a blue pump instead of a gold combat

  11. Pump shotgun is the best and better

  12. Here after epic nerfs combat range

  13. At the start of season 9 I liked the tac than the combat and now I love the pump again

  14. Conclusion you just like the combat more

  15. To be honest, i hated the combat in the beginning of season 9. But once the pump came back and actually used it, i felt that the combat was better for me. I like the range and fire rate even though it doesnt do consistent damage. I think its more maneuverable than pump

  16. Now my loadout is tac ar, pump, any sniper, heal and glider

  17. Blue AR is really accurate so I wouldn't swap it with a blue heavy AK if I was better at aiming i would choose heavy AK but blue AR does its work for you

  18. It’s obvious gold pump

  19. dead man walkin'; one shot one opportunity

  20. Pump-burst smg shreds early game

  21. Hey @itsJerian I kinda need help with my pump shots I just don't hit headshots can anyone help me… I really need someone who is an actual headshoting God!!!

    Edit- please put ur epic IDs so I can add u
    My I'd is MagicSage123617

  22. Ahem legendary tac –– and purple tac –

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  24. they added another shotgun rip

  25. Looks like once again Epic are going to force you into making an updated video ? #9.40

  26. i like pump becaus hit pump build or spra ar

  27. then 1v1 me,u use combat i use pump not hating ok?

  28. pump shotgun way better like if u agree

  29. I will still take pumps above the combat I have been playing with it in creative all the time I never used the combat only in game now I’m a god with pumps combat is just a huge spam gun in my opinion

  30. I miss the season 5 smg (the one that isn't silenced)

  31. I use pump to revolver it's like double pump

  32. I like both of the shotguns it just depends my mood

  33. I don’t care pump is like a friend to me

  34. BTW, I tested the purple and gold pump and surprisingly, the purple pump is more accurate.

  35. I am pretty sure, when epic unvaults the purple and gold pump. I mean, what other shotgun should you use?

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