Top 20 Secrets In Apex Legends Season 2

Top 20 Secrets In Apex Legends Season 2! From tips, tricks, and glitches we put together a top 20 list of all the secrets we found in season 2 battle pass. There is something for everyone in this video if you are looking to rank up or just show off to your friends. Enjoy!

In this video we talk about:
Apex Legends S2
Apex Legends Tips
Apex Legends Secrets
Apex Legends Hidden

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  1. Is there anything cool we missed? How many of these to you know??

  2. Bro 5 slot is for the perks

  3. Number 14 is due to the shield recharging

  4. If you win a game with bloodhound then at the last minute use the scan if you start another game quick enough you can see a red arrow in the black screen of the dropship showing someone jumped off

  5. Like if this guy just copies Tim the tat Man's intro

  6. The advert for bravoloto made a very valid point about having kids?

  7. The wattson ult also eats caustics ult

  8. What’s Your outro song?

  9. Look up my video I just uploaded and you'll see how to win some games

  10. The gold p 20 20 is the best now

  11. Guys a really good trick to win most of your games in a Battle Royale, doesn´t matter which one really.

    Aim like a damn god. You won´t be needing any tactics if you just kill them instantly.

  12. Legendary wingman is so good it think it gives 55 damage for a body shot

  13. Re 45 ok not all of damage used but good aim

  14. Dude they probly played with apex legends files

  15. Does anyone know if the Havoc bug got patched? Its there is about a week left in s2

  16. epic clickbait

  17. Wattson ult also eats caustic ult

  18. what about the secret green dinosaurs

  19. That slot is the ultimate

  20. Is this only for like PC?

  21. On my life Ive only seen the l-star in a crate or anybody with one twice

  22. THE NUMBER 20 ONE IS INSANE! I literally had no idea.

    That makes Mirage a bit of a scout, doesn't it?

  23. You annoy me copy Timthetatman

  24. golden mozambiuqe is 1 shot without shield

  25. Tip: if you throw mirages clone into a poison trap it will show the location of the enemy who threw it

  26. 8:22 it happens to me every time when I return to lobby

  27. Number 5 I seen it before

  28. 1:20 my teammates really waste ammo because they don’t know this trick

  29. ive seen number 5 so many times along with a picture of repulsor…and coughing from caustic when picking characters before game starts

  30. You can see mirages ult because his shield was being charged

  31. When you’re playing as caustic do you sometimes hear hubby voice Lines maybe their voices just sound similar idk

  32. Idk bout you, but I've certainly found a gold peacekeeper. Two days ago. I had a mastiff and that.

  33. The videos of ppl playing are so satisfying

  34. I found like 13 of the gold peacekeeper

  35. You could reuse Beacon even in Season 1, right?

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