Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Handle Panic Situation In PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

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Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Handle Panic Situation In Pubg Mobile

In this video i played pubg mobile wih proness

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  1. i panic only for my device ?

  2. Bhai solo vs squad khel raha hu lekin kabhi marjata hu or kabhi 4 bande marke mar jata hu kya karu ??

  3. Bro can u join my clan TRExX FOR MORE ELITE MATCHES PLS

  4. Are you playing on XR?

  5. กาก
    Step noob india
    Welcome to thailand server Asia
    You kill bot !!? Hahaha

  6. Im panic cause my phone is android

  7. Thanks for supporting noobs

  8. Bro pls can u say what we should do in this situation : you are solo think duo rushes on you gun bullets completed no second gun and pistol available and back side of u is a storyed house and front of u a wall bullets completed when you are near wall duo rushing at that time and they came near and near to u they are either side of wall and you are opposite to them one of them jumped from wall which side you are present then what you will do bro pls answer

  9. 3:28 ه‍هههههه بعبصني ،???Sry mate thats bad word in arabic.

  10. Aur low end phon me acha jese khele ? Wo bhi batao

  11. Maine Aaj Novo me 1v4 clutch kiya

  12. Please upload 1v4 video bhai ❤

  13. We get paniced bcz we dont have good phone on good Internet connection( reality)?

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