1. you sound like a girl

  2. how do you do solo in apex?

  3. Your voice reminds me of another youtuber, Minx

  4. I just heard zylbrad have a failed orgasm

    The peak of content

  5. ? How do u play solos

  6. ah, i remember when you used to make overwatch videos with musulk

  7. Omg I just realized! You uploaded this on my birthday!! Thanks Brad!

  8. pc users use stretched res

    console players use regular/ default res

    me on xbox uses stretched res

  9. I missed the peacekeeper

  10. There was a literal peacekeeper in the death box

  11. That’s a boxing match

  12. How do you solo queue?

  13. How do you play solo

  14. bro you suck with peacekeeper

  15. This vid gave me the urge to play Apex

  16. Literally suppose to be a fist fight at the end of the first game. Smh i dont care how good you are your dumb.

  17. Hello! I'm new to this Channel! And ask if it's okay if we be Partners In Apex!

  18. You sound gay no offence

  19. I'd just witnessed James Charles playing Apex legends

  20. You say Wingman bad, I click away. Goodbye.

  21. this game look's amazing it is true

  22. Zylbrad:i never lose

    All of us:he lost the first round

  23. if this is how apex players act and sound, i don’t think i’ll be playing anytime soon

  24. Wingman good no longer whatching this channel

  25. How much as revenue was needed for this?

  26. Hey are you playing solos

  27. Intro was so cringy just stop

  28. Who remembers brad myself and Brazzaville always playing overwatch

  29. Is he gay or is he just gay

  30. Guys help my device keeps on playing on 2x speed for this video WTF!!!?

  31. How do you put it on solo

  32. is this a guy or a girl playing

  33. ur heart ain’t golden

  34. Why don’t they have solos in console

  35. Wingman is literally one of the best weapons

  36. Stop the fucking moaning ones again

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