Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies – Tranzit Survival Bus Depot Multiplayer XBOX 360 Round 1 – 14

Quick fun game of Tranzit Survival with no perks just the luck of the box and skill! Achieved round 14, which is not too bad I guess.
Alot of skill is needed for this game…. Helps when you have good players! At least I got alot more kills 😀
Thank you for watching.

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  1. Happy New Year my friends. Should I do another video for Bus Depot survival? Let us know!! Maybe we can setup a game with random Subscribers

  2. Finally. YouTuber that plays Tranzit ????????????

  3. 15:23 when you run out of pizza rolls

  4. Eu jogor call of duty doto sábado

  5. Faz um video no trazint

  6. Oye porque no trolleas al último zombi es lo queago con mi primo

  7. I have sam coll of duty and play it

  8. When you pack-a-punch you're raygun, That's when the fun comes in with making zombie trains and blasting off heads

  9. Puto el que no de like

  10. Gets raygun dies like if you cri evertime lol??

  11. Já cheguei levei 255 só hack

  12. You are very fantastic in this game

  13. Brother cod:boz1 game in play

  14. Are you still playing with randoms on this game if so could i join

  15. Gfgfgfyfdhxesbbkc6753743igfnccthxb zyhdgkbx

  16. اكو عرب بالفيديو
    are ther arabe in the her ?


  18. eu ja zerei no modo canpanha

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