FORTNITE GUNS IN REAL LIFE! (Scar, Minigun & More!) *NEW 2018*

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I spent hours trying to get every single weapon on the game to showcase to you guys what they would look like in real life. Obviously most guns in the game aren’t fictional and are real guns just with a different names. For the guns which are a little bit non fictional i went with the closest looking gun i could find….


  1. My favorite weapon is the golden scar

  2. All these guns are not same how you showed in real life

  3. The tactical real name is KSG12 if u guys were wondering

  4. Shows AK-47 for busrt

  5. My favorite gun would have to be the suppressed scar

  6. 3:13 The Common-Rare Tactial shotgun is based on a Mossberg 590 With Fictional Attachments on it.

  7. 2:26 The Suppressed SMG in fortnite is based on a MP5SD3, Not a MP5A2 With a Skeletionized Stock and a Suppressor.

  8. 1:35 The Suppressed pistol is based on a HK P30

  9. 0:44 The Common-Rare pistol is A Browning hi-power.

  10. All the pistols are wrong the pistol is a berreta m9 and the silenced pistol is a sig p320

  11. 2:35 That isn't a MP5SD, That's a MP5A2 with a Skeletionized stock and a Large but small suprresor

  12. 1:36 I Figured it out! The Suppressed pistol in fortnite Is really a HK P30 with a Medium sized suppressor and a Mini Red Dot sight

  13. 0:49 The Common-Rare pistol is Obviously not a IMI Desert eagle, It's based on the Browning Hi-power

  14. legendary burst AR

  15. Finally, someone put the right gun for the pistol in real life

  16. Lol this dude got all the guns so fucking WRONG

  17. My favorite weapon is the scar

  18. AR means ArmaLite Rife not assault rifle

  19. 1:31 who heard the mario theme song????

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