How U Can GIFT Yourself EVERY Cosmetic In Fortnite Using This INSANE Exploit (Fortnite Glitches)

In this video I show an INSANE Glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale in which you can gift yourself EVERY cosmetic in Fortnite. You can get yourself the ghoul trooper, skull trooper, recon expert, renegade raider and many more items!

Download: (In the discord server)





Credit: I found…


  1. If your Wi-Fi doesn't work after doing this, check out this video:

  2. What the hell this screwed up all the internet on my computer

  3. .In my mind the only way to have skins is..
    SKINSFY. COM (remove the spaces)
    the v.2.10 Seems to always work for me
    Make this blue.

  4. I’ll pay someone to do it for me

  5. when it run fortnite it says this. error fortnite was not started correctly and needs to be closed. we recommend trying to launch the game using the epic games launcher or contract player support

  6. it tells me to log in on fortnite then closes. I have the argument typed in and typed in correctly.

  7. if konsole isn't opening you need to install nodejs and open the nodejs console and then open konsole if that doesnt work open nodejs console and then close it then open konsole

  8. thats forking INASNE IM FLEX RN TO MY FRIENDS

  9. AllGamesForYou made the exploit

  10. fortnite won't launch help

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