PUBG lite PC Ultra Graphics settings Gameplay i5-7400 + GTX 1050ti (60FPS)

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Game requirements ( Download size 1.9Gb )
minimum requirements :
OSWindow 7,8,10, 64bit
CPUCore i3 2.4GHz
GPUIntel HD Graphics 4000
recommended requirements :
OSWindow 7,8,10, 64bit
CPUCore i5 2.8GHz
GPUNVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or
AMD Radeon HD 7870


  1. PUBG phenomenon, game with graphics like from 2010. there are plenty of bugs, and when it was released it was game bug festival…and yet stlll popular game.

  2. 65°C in this game LMAO
    I would get 35°C with my gtx 1660ti

  3. Fully fantastic ??????

  4. this is not pubg lite fake video????

  5. I hope there are no hackers like in the emulator one

  6. this fuckers gameplay give me cancer. so fucking noob.

  7. why not wearing pants dude..

  8. LOOKS GOOD, but seriously…don't use high settings cuz, some of them only makes it harder to spot enemies…..

  9. Pubg lite Garena gampanggggggggg

  10. I have so bad graphics AMD Radeon HD 6900 series and have on ultra 90fps

  11. Last time is so funny?????

  12. pubg lite is normal pubg and steam pubg is just an graphics upgrader

  13. I want pubg ad not Ros ad!

  14. 4:41
    “So take aim and fire away”

  15. the last part was unexpected??

  16. On the top left corner, how to show cpu informations? Which app?

  17. Will it work smoothly on intel i5 2.2 GHZ nvidia 920 m

  18. No one can see the FPS ARE IN "100 FPS" But In The Title Of Video Are 60 FPS.

  19. With what software do you record the game, I tried Camtasia and IceCream


  21. And than there is me with lowest settings on pubg lite and still not even 30fps moat of the time?

  22. I have a pc that can play pubg pc, but my wallet can't 🙂

  23. you suck with your 1050ti

  24. He went in front of the jeep intentionally

  25. This is not pub g lite this is pub g pub g lite does not have any red zone and it has only one map Erangel and there is no jeep in pub g lite

  26. me: would play normally on w a s d moving controls
    this guy: Z s D q ArE gOoD mOvEmEnT cOnTrOlS

  27. I killed you in one game..thought you are a bot

  28. The foliage/textures are meh, but the lightning looks good.

  29. This is like ordering vegan food and then throw meat into it :))

  30. Graphics is similar to the mobile version…

  31. Guys i played Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain and i got a small Puppy in Mission 4….if you want to know how i found its just simple , just wait after you came out of your Helicopter and wait till you hear a puppy noises and when you find the puppy just extract him to the Mother Base :)))))3

  32. Pubg lite is awesome, pubg emulator decreases fps in pc and has some problems but pubg lite gives you the full gaming experience.

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