Apex Legends Update Patch Notes! Triple Take Buff + Map Changes + Wattson Nerf

Thanks for watching!! Subscribe for daily Apex Legends videos! In this video I cover the Apex Legends Update Patch Notes that came out today. This update includes the New Voidwalker Event, Map Changes, Triple Take Buff, Wattson Nerf, and more! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!

Patch Notes:



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  2. Tbh for Wattson they should’ve done a damage over time for her shield and leaving the stun as is but increasing movement just a bit when stunned to balance it

  3. Wattson gets a NERF?! Wtf

  4. Why tf did they nerf wattson. She had a low pick rate? These devs are special needs

  5. Its appalling and absolutely retarded that respawn made Watson 5% more damage taken? However you want to put it, simply put it takes three bullets from a 301 to kill anybody pretty much nowadays or eight shots from a p2020 so let's Nerf the shit out of the new character to the point where nobody will want to play her. And that my friend is how you waste time, money and your fanbase. Like yeah her ult needs to be nerfed two or one is fine but the 5% thing Is just as autistic as EA. Crist its sad to say it. but PS2 games back in the day we're better than almost every single game made nowadays and I don't get how with all these better graphics mechanics and game engines and Etc.

  6. Buff and nerv, stop it!!!

  7. @5:33 when you tried to finish your own teammate lol

  8. I like the idea of only level 1 armour in this new mode, but it feels nearly impossible to find it. I think should just make it spawn a little more than what they have currently. But I'm fine with everything else (:

  9. Cool channel but don't buy those greedy priced skins.
    You paid all that money for just 1 insignificant skin that isn't worth more than maybe a couple dollars. granted you are a content maker, you need to do the trends but I haven't bought shit in this game, and glad I haven't.

  10. The two scout is ridiculous, why give us two for the same gun? Why not a sniper and a shotgun skin wouldnt that make more sense?

    Also rip wattson

  11. I love the new game mode , the white armor being so rare and almost everyone having flesh health makes it so much more intense and over all gives everyone a fair chance. I havnt had this much fun in apex since the first day of release tbch. I hope they keep this around as an optional game mode kind of like Overwatch does with their arcade modes

  12. They better not change this game mode

  13. Are we able to change scope sensitivity?

  14. I hate the new mode, the Eva 8 is shit, it does 7 damage on bodyshot and 14 on headshot, those aren't the normal damages I know for a fact

  15. They need to fix the crashes and the servers because it puts me into a server I never chose which makes me lag and crash when I least expect it

  16. They nerf things that need buffs and vis versa

  17. R301 back to laser?!?!??!

    R-99 way more scarce after newest patch?!?!

    Please do a vid and confirm my suspensions

  18. Ew to that interceptor pylon nerf 🤮

  19. Get rid of the Wattson nerf. Her pylon on her back attributes to her hitbox making her have a huge silhouette and the whole point of the passive ability is to be able to quickly place another paper-strong pylon. She already statically needed a buff, and this nerf makes gameplay way more unbalanced

  20. I get paid Friday so gonna cop that Wraith Skin fosho🔥

  21. Uhh that is not a triple take buff, that is a hard nerf to the gun

  22. I found gold Krab and Mastif in one game and win that game

  23. Auto sprint and option to switch off auto weapon switch…. thank god

  24. air drops removed? haven't seen a single air drop since update…?

  25. “Weapon spawn rate increase” that’s nice I remember running through 4 buildings and not finding a single gun but it’s fine bc they fixed the spawn rate

  26. Why would the nerf wattson shes already trash! She needed a buff if anything to her fences

  27. Lol why did the most useless character in the game get nerfed?😂😂😂

  28. Oof my game is bugged I’m not done with the battle pass and when I level up in the pass and i receive a loot tick I get two ticks

  29. Eh sounds like a triple take nerf to me

  30. Add a new legend and nerf them next season? I thought this aas respawn not ubisoft

  31. they need to remove that low profile cuz first wattson have somekind of armor and 2. her ability is kind of useless on some situation 3. shes easy to spot

  32. they need to up the armor drop in the new game mode.i play it with my friend3 round and didnt found any armor

  33. I saw triple take buff so I came to the video

  34. Oh really!!? What is the point to nerf Wattson!!??? It was already a legend not simple to use!! Bolloks

  35. I knew they were eventually gonna give Watson 5% more damage

  36. Whos the new guy in the white halo gear?

  37. Where are the shields at tho. Also won 3 games and only found 8 cells in those full 3 games like what gibby is OP in this mode

  38. Wattson needed a buff but instead she got nerfed. Damn respawn

  39. You paid $20 for a skin…a damn skin! There is a fool born everyday. Smh

  40. so if you drop a wattson ult early game and it does not get destroyed you can now never place your ult again in the endgame. Nice thinking by respawn.

  41. If you're diamond/predator you know why wattson is nerfed, if you're not git gud and shut up

  42. I can’t even believe they nerfed Wattson so hard. I basically never play her, but I’ve never felt like a Wattson was particularly tricky to handle.

    End game on ranked it can be a bit annoying, but there’s ways around it. Definitely don’t think she needed a nerf. Maybe a buff, if anything.

  43. Bro haw big the update please rb

  44. There is a problem with the new location, when The circle is closing at The end. Yesterday my team were in The bunker, another at The Top. We could just wait for The circles to close, no way to get to each others, just passing time. One fun thing, is that both teams were responding to "songs" we were fireing, and vice versa 😁

  45. I Actually love the white armor only. A lot of Pro players has been calling for this, makes the game faster and more fair. I would suggest take out all armor and only put blue armor in for everyone!

  46. Broooo all these bronze players saying Watson needed a buff and not a nerf =))

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