1. For anyone that is having audio delay idk just refresh the video. I'm not having any problem watching but idk some people are

  2. whos watching in seasond 11

  3. Yes there's a new map now

  4. This dude can’t hit shots even with eye tracker

  5. I feel motion sickness anyone else like the com

  6. does the eye tracker have aimbot like your aim moves along with the person?

  7. This video was made a day before my birthday last year its my birthday today

  8. 6:58 When he turns into Mickey Mouse for a split second LOL

  9. Randumb:I pooped myself


  10. What was up with the victory Royale sign?

  11. Did u know u can get banned for this

    I got my renegade raider and recon expert account banned

  12. U hit her for 1 not 7

  13. What's the intronsong?

  14. I looked everywhere Randumb looked

  15. His hair looks grey

  16. He did this in ROBLOX

  17. Only 90’s kids will remember we will build 1 by 1’s

  18. Next video using aimbot to win a game of fortnite lol

  19. 6:59 left ear has left the chat

  20. No you didn't hit him for 7, you hit him for 1 LOL

  21. Is this cheating?

  22. what happened to the win

  23. I watch you every day. Keep up the best content on YouTube

  24. You hit him for 1 and 69

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