ALL APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO ABILITIES LEAK – Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Explained!

All Crypto Abilities have been leaked. Crypto’s passive, tactical and ultimate are explained in this Apex Legends datamined news video.

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  1. This video is a month old but the title art looks like it's ripped straight from the season 3 reveal trailer?

  2. My NEW EARLY LOOK At the new Season 3 map, World's Edge!

  3. So he can do everything… Great 🙄

  4. Tell me why I saw blackout, Nomad, and prophet? COD Collab?🤔

    Don’t take this seriously.

  5. Did u just changed the thumbnail to get more views?

  6. So far ive spent more time watching the breakpoint advert than the actual apex video😂

  7. Where did the picture in the thumbnail come from because it's an exact shot from the season 3 trailer that dropped yesterday.

  8. Oh! Can you talk about the new attachments for the r301 and g7 scout

  9. I think Crypto is a tracker like Bloodhound.

  10. Crypto is basically Echo from Rss 😂😂

  11. What is he doing with the hatchet while he's running?

  12. It would be cool if he can lock a door and the only way to open is if your team counter hacks with their own crypto or kick or explode door down

  13. I have 3600 legend tokens soooooooooooooooooo

  14. Why am I already sick of hearing the name "that1miningguy"?

  15. Why does everyone keep saying a legend will be released early? Before season 1 they showed us the road map 1 gun and 1 legend with every battle pass

  16. Gabrulters (sorry4spelling) dome an octanes jump pad a trap no no no support equipment more like it

    Caustic an Watson r the only people who have base heath damedge equipment

    Octanes (jump)
    An gabrulters (shield)

    But don't mind me im just a cosmic starfish

  17. Thanks for not making IT 10 minuttes!

  18. neuralink is elon musk tech haha nice

  19. Cant wait for season 3, I feel like the next legend after crypto will be an offensive one for rushing

  20. if this is all true then crypto is gonna be super OP

  21. crypto sounds sick! soo ready for it

  22. Crypto sighted in-game at the Wraith bio laptop in Labs if anyone is intrested.

  23. He seems so cool and I wish I could main him. But I find it so hard to main legends who aren’t good at W keying. Like I have to play wraith because of my playstyle. I can’t wait for them to release another W key legend tbh octane is so much fun.

  24. Is Crypto Pathfinder's Creator? GASP

  25. If what you say is true then this character while probably have a cool down of 30 seconds.

    He is gonna be my next b**h

  26. I thought we were getting a character named nomad or something like that

  27. I’m guessing crypto is buyable or in the battlepass

  28. aight lets be honest, crypto is already broken

  29. So he is a male sombra:|

  30. I’m buying him for sure, I play Sombra in Overwatch so it’s like a male Sombra

  31. As a caustic main I am absolutely terrified.

  32. Should i buy octane or wait for crypto? I'm a new player c:

  33. I was watching this thinking it was a Sethly video up until the end, and for the whole thing I was thinking "Wow, Sethly sounds so much less bland than usual.". Then at the end I was informed that I was a complete idiot and that this wasn't Sethly at all.

  34. 1 guy said that hes abilitys are blocking damage and bullets and stuff with hes sword!

  35. BLISK Holy Shit! He is going to destroy EVERYONE

  36. if crypto can spot and mark enemies for his team, whats the point of bloodhound?

  37. I think the hacking feature means that if the door is used or the loot create is opened it will let Crypto know

  38. Of the five leaked characters you've addressed thus far (up to Husaria), plus Rosie, I think Crypto interests me the most. Knowledge is power!

  39. Cute wattson, peaceful rain AND chill music as your outdo? Oh yeah I’m defiently subbing

  40. Dude yes, I would totally love videos on each leaked legend!!

  41. He needs to be either voiced by Iroh from AvatarTLAB or Samirai Jack

  42. Maybe hacking doors will be locking doors

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