Call of Duty Black Ops Havana Sniper Tips

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Here I’m giving you guys some tips to sniping on the map Havana. What to do and what not to do in order to improve your game. This is a series of Tips and Strategy videos for the maps in Call of Duty Black Ops. In these videos I will be going over basic to advanced ways to use and dominate on each map. Learn which weapons work best with which attachments and perks as well as strategies to break out of your box and lay…


  1. I dont know about your sniping skills man, I think you need to actually hit them whenever you fire off rounds. Snipers are suppose to be accurate but I'm noticing that you emptied most of a magazine at your opponents. Hit marker here and there but mostly misfire. Not a bad commentary on how a sniper should be, but I

  2. agreed cover fire is helpful. but Hardcore is better cause no map nor killcam. and one hit kill by snipers or any weapon. but nice vid.

  3. 2:31 wtf?!? how the hell did u see him

  4. i went 50-3 on Havana sniping with the L96A1

  5. dude, u should be a sniper if u cant make a shot, u missed more than u hit

  6. @themynoob he shouldnt use a l96a1 because he misses too much and he would get 1 kill with a bolt action

  7. @thekill994 this is a game…nobody is giving you any present for being the best. but all of us think YOU are the best, dont worry

  8. Wow you need to grow up metallica whatever

  9. @supergamer514 You could've just said that you agreed to the fact that we can't agree and I wouldn't have replied…
    …Maybe I'm pathetic or maybe I'm not. But if I'm pathetic like you think I am, then I'll rather be that than ignorant, arrogant and childish.

  10. @supergamer514 You clearly don't understand the difference between replying to a statement and getting mad. I understand why you think that I got all worked up and mad about it, but I didn't. If you think that's me getting mad, then think again. I was only giving you an answer which I guess you misinterpreted.
    Now, I've said mine and you've shared your opinions too. And If you don't agree with this comment, then let's agree that we can't agree and leave it with that. Agree?

  11. @supergamer514 Oh, and by thw way, I got a lot friends if you must know… But you and your logic isn't 'working as intended' I guess so I'll break it down for you as simple as I can. When you're speaking to people you don't like (for me that would be retarded Youtube users in general in my opinion) then you're rude. When you're speaking to people you like (for me that would be friends) then you're a completely different person and you're nice against them.

  12. @supergamer514 Again with the lame and overused internet quotes: "you have no friends" or "it's just a game"… And if you really do hate me like you say you do, then why continue writing to me? But like you said yourself: "I'm still having this conversation with you, is because I hate douche bags like you." In other words: You hate me, but you're still talking to me and that's because you hate me. Logic fail much?

  13. @supergamer514 You were pointing out how I was so caught up about this game. Because this is a Black Ops video, it's common sense to use the game as an example. And I really couldn't care less if you think Black Ops and FPS games are big or small differences. If you've never seen someone like me, then congratulations? If you get the impression that I'm rude and I think I'm better than everybody else then that's your problem, not mine.

  14. @supergamer514 You clearly don't get that I wasn't talking about the game. If you read and acctually understand what it says then you would've lnown by now that the game was only used as an example. The game could be any fps (first person shooter, if you didn't know) game where a sniper class is involved. You clearly don't get that, and you're still complaining about me being stuck up with the game when the only person who's still stuck-up with the game is you.

  15. @supergamer514 Stay out of the conversation or draw a queue ticket and shut up, you troll. Who are you to burst into the conversation without even properly knowing what it's about? Based on your comment you sure don't know, because the game itself is irrelevant, which makes your comment irrelevant. And if you don't have anything else to come with than a quote that has been overused and misused in so many gaming-related situations than the one you wrote, then gtfo kid.

  16. @ryannpichel Snipers = Campers and Campers = Snipers. Sniping while camping is what sniping is all about. Have you ever seen someone in a real war with a sniper rifle running around in the front line trying to quickscope the enemy? No, you haven't, and that's because snipers are meant to stay far away from the front line, hidden in one spot for several hours. But I don't expect you to understand, your excessive use of exclamation marks tells me you're not of legal age to even play this game…

  17. Sniping in World at War was easier to understand and most of the multi-player maps were Long Range, so it was technically a sniper's game in most of the time…

  18. @ryannpichel Black ops is real. I have it on my shelf. Bought it the day it came out. So yeah it does exist. A great game by the way, I highly recommend it.

  19. @QoziKalon so black ops is not real

  20. @ryannpichel Sniping is esentially camping. Snipers are trained to stay hidden in a fixed position for hours. That what snipers do. Find a well hidden position with a good line of sight and kill people from distance. That's why sniper rifles were made in a first place. Not to run in a crowd quickscoping people. That's what assault rifles are for. If you want to run around with a sniper rifle and quickscope please do so but don't insult other people.

  21. dont camp, you camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Get Wes to do these videos instead.

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