Cat vs Fortnite

Little cat meets Fortnite in real life! What will he do to win this battle royale?
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**Fortnite in Real Life – Fortnite Battle Cat**
Directed by Mike Tivikoff
Assistance by Peter Tivikoff:
Music by Jon Bjork

VFX Assets used in this video by Action VFX:
Check them out!…


  1. What skit should I do next? Send me your thoughts!

  2. Когда кота рожали, все нубы дрожали!

  3. that cat already crankin 90'

    I only build a ramp im noob

  4. Cat gets legendary bolt and big pot

    Luck cat

  5. 😹🤣🤩🐱i love it

  6. I have never liked fortnut untill now

  7. Who'S wins?

  8. Го вторую часть

  9. Почиму на 18 секунде стоит жигули этоже не рассия

  10. Фортнай говно лучше пубг

  11. Коты опасны если им дать оружия

  12. This cat have aimbot:V

  13. It’s just like me but a cat

  14. Когда даже у кота есть скин

  15. What do you think everyone
    The cat Wearing a Dinadour Costume is cute-LIKE
    The Fortnite Players are Weaker than a cat-SUBSCRIBE
    The cat Knows how to build for its first time–BUILD BUILD IN COMMENTS
    Cat Knows how to battle without training wow if your amazed–say Cat is strong without training in comments

  16. Мне кажиться то что теперь в фортнайт добавят либо режим кота либо скин кота!

  17. fortnite is my favorite game

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