FGL PRO Pokemon GO JOYSTICK GPS HACK Location Error 11 and 12 FIX! (Updated January 2019)


This is a short video on how to fix error 11 and error 12 info from a reddit page. The 100% Safe Pokemon go spoofing hack for ANDROID. Ever wanted to spoof in pokemon go?
Well now you can with FGL PRO, simply download the app.

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Error and Issue Fixes

Error 11 Fix
– This is normal. so just Move the Joystick
– If moving the JoyStick does not get rid of Error 11, Try the other FGL Methods
– Try playing on Mobile…


  1. btw achieving 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒐𝒇𝒆𝒓 is surely ezier from TRIXHAX. NET (remove.the.spaces)
    *the update v.9.25 * is niftyly working. *

  2. hmmlhey The only way to receive 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒐𝒇𝒆𝒓 is TRIXHAX. NET (remove-the-spaces) the v.2.34 * gradually workz.

  3. I dont have additional settings in my settings

  4. Fixing error 12 does not work !!!!! Fix it pls

  5. How do u remove cache or data

  6. It fixed the BOTH errors but now I can't MOVE NOW!

  7. How to fix failed to detect in oppo f1s sir . Please help please!

  8. straight up did NOT fix location error 12.

  9. I don't have problems moving with fgl pro, but I still get a gps error when 1-2 seconds remain, the error goes away, but the raid and gmyler is still in the gps error throws and throws— help please…

  10. what is this "ad free" version of fgl pro? try googling it. There isn't any apk's that are ad free. Even when i select ad free from the menu on the left nothing happens. Even went to the LTP PRO LLC (the makers of fgl pro) website and still no ad free version. starting to think its bullshit

  11. Cant downgrade google play service

  12. Can't downgrade without root ?? Also if no please tell steps to follow
    Mobile-Redmi Note 5 Pro

  13. Hello. How do I set up fgl so that it goes smoothly? when prompting a joystick, it cuts slightly and I have to wait a while … and over and over again

  14. I dosent have that enable mock lacation… Im on android 8.1…. Vivo v11

  15. I get error 11 and nothing works

  16. Hello ! when i uninstall the updated google play i have a 2018 version (samsung galaxy s7)

  17. F. update 13.2.92
    Even i can't Uinstal this new update :/ Can you make net helping tutorial ?

  18. Bro i keep getting error 11 and i keep moving but yet it doesn't work

  19. DO NOT CLEAR YOUR CACHE AND DATA, I REPEAT.. JUST DON'T.. Urscrewed I've been following you for quite some time now, and you have been helpful and I'm thankful for that… I don't know if you've been bought off by Niantic by now.. or if you honestly don't know just yet what you have done… I am now unable to spoof because I cleared my Cache. now comes the PoGo updates and the joystick just won't show on top of the screen. How am I gonna play this game when there's literally no gym or pokestop around?

  20. How to spoffing the android 5.1 in j2 pls tell

  21. I use joystick on fgl pro but i have a problem. When i spoof to pier 39 or santa monica or anywhere far fom my town, when i catching pokemons all of them brake pokebal and fled on first shot. I dont have idea how to fix it. I can spoof just in my town. When i go away with spoofing i cant use pokestops or catching pokemons- all brake pokeball after 2 shakes and fled. I use golden raz and utraball for weedle with 120 cp and he broke it. Imposible to catch pokemons with spoofing in my case. Please help me.

  22. bro my phone still fail to detect location ,Why !!!

  23. Add me on Go! I send gifts often
    7177 2689 0768

  24. My phone is refusing to install the old Google Play Services πŸ™ I have tried all cpu versions…

  25. Nothing loads on mine, and the error 11 never goes away 😭

  26. How I can downgrade Google pley service whit my Huawei p20 lite?

  27. I've still got the error 12 problem

  28. How’d your PokΓ©mon get so big

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