FGL Pro Tutorial: Spoof on Pokemon Go in any ANDROID VERSION (August 2019) | Spoof without ban

This is for the new team rocket update in Pokemon go. The old spoofing tutorial works as well, but with a few minor issues. If this method doesn’t work for you then I have two more. You can check it out here :

In this new tutorial we’ll use FGL Pro as our joystick app. And surprisingly after this team rocket update this method works smoothly on wide verify of android versions. (Tested on 5.1, 6, 7.1.1, 8.1, 9)

No need to downgrade…


  1. Checkout this ultimate guide on spoofing!!
    Everything you need to know about spoofing : https://youtu.be/udVDRXGUN7I

    If this method doesn't work for you I have two more methods on my channel. This method using smali patcher is stable and works really well on all devices try it if this video doesn't work for you. Spoof with smali patcher pokemon go:
    Fix os not compatible error : https://youtu.be/qJ66r6q9IV4

  2. I have installed they version magisk 19.3v with busybox, App Systemizer and Smali Patcher, but my location is jumping back to the real ones, i try to fix moving the joystick to system/app or private/system apps but still the problem, i have a mi 9t pro update with the security patch of october 2019, do you have any sugestions?

  3. I try to dwnload old v. But its not working to install. In my Huawei nova 3i, in may samsung working excp my huawei

  4. btw obtaining 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒐𝒇𝒆𝒓 is surely easier from TRIXHAX. NET (remove.the.spaces)
    *the update v.3.35 * is wittingly working. *

  5. root mode it greyed out in FGL Pro

  6. How to overcome error 12?

  7. Will it work on version 7.1.1 ???

  8. Bro terminal is not working

  9. Did it work in samsung galaxy j2 pro

  10. after magisk is hide i still get kick out from Poekmon Go stated OS not compatible. Im using mi3

  11. Where download magiks manager?

  12. I'm on LG Stylo 4 though hard to root

  13. Can this work with a tablet that is also not a cellular version? IE it only connects to WIFI. I could tether it to my phones internet if that's going to help with the whole IP thing.

  14. Okay I've used magisk 18.1 and 7.0 apk now and pokemongo doesnt detect it, BUT fgl pro doesnt work, i dont get moved to the spoofed location and the controller doesnt work either, I'll try another method of you and will update you.

  15. Of course it's indian

  16. Does it work for pixel?

  17. Thanks! Only yours tutorial work for me! Redmi Note 7.

  18. Is it necessary to use magisk 18.1? I am using magisk 19.3

  19. It's still need root access..

  20. Thanks brother… It's working but the game becomes super laggy…

  21. Failed to detect location …. Please help.

  22. 1st time it work but after closing everything an open next time everything is ok but can't catching Pokemon an collect anything

  23. It says failed to detect mock location.plzzz help

  24. Hey bro, i have a problem… when i press install to busybox, i see ''Done!'', then i reboot my device, but in Models, busybox does not appear… pls help me :C

  25. which mobile phone do you recommend to get for that? I don't want to root my main phone

  26. I get failed to detect location (12)

  27. Bro it moves to real location. Why??

  28. what model of xiaomi can be use to fly.. thanks in advance

  29. Thanks Sir <3 You are AMAZING

  30. My thing said can't open file

  31. why i cant turn on the root mode? i have rooted my phone already…

  32. my fgl has been rooted but there are still 11 and 12 errors, my joystick can't be moved

  33. Where i can find smali patcher

  34. I've done all you said but the gps don't respond. I don't spawn where I choose to :/ and on the terminal when I systemize fgl I've got an error of space in the file magisk

  35. what i need to do if i choose the wrong option at step 8?

  36. Is possible with s8 ?

  37. is magisk still save? pls with

  38. possible with redmi note 7 android 9 ?

  39. With root hmmm u are a great hacker, thanks for sharing this video with us ut gives to me and my village a new method to play Pokemon go

  40. i dont see fgl in emulator??

  41. Can it spoof on redmi note 5

  42. Do I have to take root of the phone? not enough to unlock bootloader?

  43. is this can use on andriod 7.0.1?

  44. Can work in xiaomi note 7?

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