Fortnite Patch CANCELED Because APEX LEGENDS..? Is Epic PANICKING?

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Fortnite Patch CANCELED Because APEX LEGENDS..? Is Epic PANICKING?


  1. Who's watching Wednesday Wagers tomorrow at 10 PM UK / 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST?
    Wednesday Wagers –
    Gfuel Discount-

  2. I just opened this vid to downvote it cause its about fortshit 😂

  3. Fortnite is ass gta is better

  4. We want Pennywise in fortnite

  5. 😑 so y’all just using apex

  6. Can I please play I am decent player on NAW

  7. Hey I am down to play nae can I send twitter

  8. Me????????????????????????

  9. 10:30 when i found out epic didnt nerf/remove the brute

  10. I was in my shower i heard a notifications when i realize that was the fortnite guy 30 seconds later i was watching

  11. I’m good at fortnit

  12. U know what will be a good update? Bringing back the infinity sword and allowing the brute to use the sword and enhance its abilities by 4x damage and 4x AOE

  13. Can y'all tell me, mech is fun and fine ye, but not meant for comp. The "wrong thing" about Fortnite is where everything is. Honestly, streamers usually play Arena right? They would maybe go to casuals here and there but if they just updated casual with the "fun, season" stuff and maybe implement 1 or 2 stuff into competitive, and listen to feedback the game will be fine!!! .

  14. im on east servers and i wanna play but iont think i can compete but im a goat

  15. I’m the worst combat pro player 🥳

  16. Imagine “TheApexGuy” lol 😂

  17. I wonder why everyone is playing apex 🤔

  18. Do you say Middle East?

  19. Fortnit will die if they didn’t remove the mechs

  20. Minecraft still better

  21. I want to do the wager

  22. East don’t have Twitter

  23. BUT sadly the update did not remove mechs

  24. Apex listens to the community but fortnite doesn't fuck fortnite until they listen to us FUCK FORTNITE just FUCK IT

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