Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile: Which One's Better for Mobile Gaming?

Following Fortnite on iOS is PUBG Mobile to join other mobile battle royale shooters such as Netease’s Rules of Survival. With two of the premier console and PC battle royale games now on smaller screens, how do they stack up? We tell you.

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  1. Pubg is the best and others are not too good you are a noob if you play any other game

  2. From the graphics seen here pubg looks more realistic than fortnight. Fortnight looks like those clash of clans kind of game.

  3. no comparison fortnite rocks!!!

  4. fortnite is better on pc hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Any laptop PUBG/Fortnite player here?

  6. by seeing fornite graphics it looks like a 20 mb game useless game whatso ever

  7. PUBG better for mobile
    Fortnite slowly 👎

  8. 2:11 Dude did you even played this game once. You can pickup stuff automatically in PUGB mobile. It even adds attachments automatically.(I can't talk about Fortnite, I haven't played it).
    Do some basic research before making a review video like this. At least watch other review videos. That's the least you can do.
    No wonder why you have very few subscribers.

  9. Fortnite is more fun, i tried both games and found put fortnite is much good game

  10. PUBG mobile , got dominated by a Android Emulator enable a huge advantage such as big screen , mouse and keyboard took you just 1 second to aim far away easily , spot enemy easily , and it really balanced since Filthy phone player vs PC master race cause PC is alway superior

  11. Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg Pubg pubg

  12. Everybody here is saying that pubg is better because they don’t have fortnite and never have played it like me I had an android and used to say that pubg was better but then I got an iPhone and now I think fortnite is wayyy better and the people that thinks it’s better cuz they win a lot it’s because it’s full with half bots and half noobs 😉

  13. Fortnite is better then pubg

  14. Pubg mobile is my father
    Fortnite is Pubg mobile son

  15. Should’ve used iPhone X to see the best of both for the fairest comparison.

  16. You know there is also a joystick for driving

  17. most sexy accent ever and I am Chinese

  18. PUBG Mobile > Fortnite Mobile
    Mainly because i have android so i can't play fortnite mobile

  19. Pubg actually does have autoloot and aim assist. You also can change it's controls in the settings. You may like fortnight better but that doesn't mean make a biased video.

  20. Pub g is realistic that's why it's good

  21. I are stupid pubg have aoto aim and aoto pick up, you are stupid

  22. PUBG dropped its pants and took a huge dump over Fortnite.

  23. Pubg graphics are better

  24. After playing both, I found Fortnite to be laggy, bearing in mind I got a relatively new phone being the iPhone 8. I understand it's on mobile so it's expected that it won't run perfectly, however it it feels very disappointing. I find that the controls on PUBG are a lot better and clearer, making it a lot more easier and accessible for the target audience. Looks like almost everyone else agrees with me

  25. Indian noob you know nothing really dissatisfied with this video dude. Thumbs down

  26. Wtf this is why I don’t like indian reviews. They have no idea about games. I have played Fortnite first it had frustrating controls n shooting someone was pain in the ass. Then I gave PUBG mobile a shot and boy oh boy does it deliver! better graphics, better controls, much simpler shooting. Go for PUBG.

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