How To Use Combat Shotgun In Fortnite Season 9 | New Gun Tips

Fortnite shotgun tips for the NEW combat shotgun! New meta calls for a new shotgun guide to dominate in Fortnite Season 9!


Aiming in Fortnite with shotguns is one of the most important skills to have. Fortnite’s new shotgun, the combat shotgun, complete guide and tutorial on how to use. Combat shotgun damage and gameplay.

Colorblind Video:

How To Win Solo:…


  1. Definitely a tough weapon to use. I truly think it needs a slight buff, but I hope this helps for now!

  2. Personally, i like the combat over all shotguns but its not as good for boxfighting as tac. Its still inconsistent up close so i would use it for range

  3. I feel like the combat will be vaulted for season 10 tbh. Reason: the same reason the pump was vaulted. For example: I won a game recently using it at a range for an smg/ar yet I killed 'em

  4. Oh my god you'r a very speedy builder .my goodness!!!

  5. the pump will be back

  6. Bullcrao i want pump shotgun back pls epicc

  7. I’m watching this when the freaking pump is back

  8. I miss heavyshutgum

  9. 5:385:51
    Bro, I feel bad for him lawl

  10. Any one watching this right after they nerfed the range of the combat shotguns

  11. shotgun is meant up close so I feel like this shotgun is stupid

  12. 9:00 You mean anticipation shots? Prediction shots are meant for snipers. Yeah it is a “sniper shotgun” but I think what you mean is pre aiming and getting ready to shoot rather than shooting and hoping it would hit them. It is a hitscan weapon so shooting if the target is not even in the reticle is useless.

  13. 7:00 I don’t think that works on pc lol

    Epic: let’s remove the shoot button from controllers

  14. instead of combat and tac i now use the flint and heavy snipe

  15. What map was the one you used for the fights with all the cones (code)

  16. Good video,thanks for the tips, and as always stay positive

  17. my only problem is how tf i find them at there rare i would be happy if i see this gun

  18. i tested it out. i killed a whole group of three ppl in team rumble by going in their face and shotgunning them lol. does anyone aim with shotguns or you just run and shoot??

  19. Play rainbow six siege they basicly have the combat shotgun

  20. 3:32 what’s the code for this map?

  21. this new shotgun, i think, in a sense is rediculous. and i think the reason why people are complaining is, up close.. it trumps any SMG even the new burst… it has a small hit range, long hit range (with high damage), and high fire rate. i do believe this is the reason people are complaining.
    does it need a buff? no i dont think so.. i think that is out of this world. if u buff this gun.. then all u need is this gun. 1: nerf the damage vs range. 2 slightly nerf the fire rate… i mean, wasnt havnt 2-3 pumps and switching them a bad thing? now u have that all in 1 gun. im not saying get rid of it or vault it, all im saying is.. make it legit viable to a real shotgun. and not trump smgs.

  22. How do u find one tho

  23. You can let them shoot the wall then spray with combat

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