MW2 HARDENED EDITION UNBOXING! Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Collector's Copy

Unboxing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition. My first Collector’s Edition of any CoD game. MW2 deserves a backwards compatible or remastered version for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch? Vote in the poll!
MW2 Limited Edition console
MW3 Hardened Edition
BO2 Hardened Edition
BO3 Hardened Edition

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  1. Imagine this remastered or simply just released for PS4, Xbox and Switch…
    Would you buy it?

  2. Still got one of these sealed sitting at home! Don’t even know if they are collectible or not but I won’t be opening it anytime soon

  3. Mw2 is now unplayable thanks to hacked servers

  4. my favourite gun in mw2 is ACR

  5. Art book comes with obligatory dent.

  6. best thing about mw2 was music by Hans Zimmer

  7. Remastered on all consoles and PC!

  8. No those gloves are nasty they have the little lines

  9. Remastered all day. Cod4 remastered was a hit

  10. cool tech video talk the relaxing end

  11. I remember this edition ! I got it with my Soap statue !

  12. My favorite cod games are bo1, waw, mw2, mw1 I hated bo2 the campaign was shit don't hate it's my opinion is thought the only good thing outbout it was zombies

  13. It's backwards compatible for Xbox 1 now

  14. Backwards compatible for mw2 happens

  15. Give me my acr and one man army. Moab for days on you bro lol

  16. ¿Alguien Habla Español Como Yo?

  17. For MW2 to be as amazing, it would have to be on a similar engine…. The engine made the game feel great. If the same maps and guns were in BO1 it isnt the same. Even BO2. MW3 felt even different.
    It might be close, but would not feel like it should. To have the same routes and objectives would be cool, but wouldn't be as great.

    So if they just update the images (models and textures) and fix its bugs, I would be fine with a remaster like that. Don't fiddle too much with the look of it. MW2 was done very well despite its low hardware requirements. Cod4 however was very bland, so glad they messed with that in MWR.

  18. R.I.P the old infinity Ward

  19. My favorite gun in MW2 is the scar h or the vector

  20. The day I had a second school dance

  21. My favourite gun in mw2 was the intervention

  22. Favorite gun would be all of them 😂 seriously you could use any gun in mw2 and do good. Love that game. My favorite gun is the model 1887. And the tar-21 for primary.

  23. Backwards compatible cause it’s easier if you just have the game

  24. Everyone spam cod to return to this games engine!

  25. I done a campaigm!!! And you

  26. Remastered but if i have it no matter what we have to buy it shiz

  27. I would not pay for it because I don’t think it is worth it just to play it on next generation and just to play it with improved graphics. Backwards compatibility for xbox one and ps4 would probably be just fine. Would anyone else here in the comments buy just for those two reasons?

  28. My favorite mw2 weapon is ACR

  29. Backwards would be better PERKELE!!

  30. I thought he wouldn't curse.

  31. My Favorite gun for this gun was either the FAL or Aug Hbar.

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