The Final Black Ops 4 Update..

The Final Black Ops 4 Update..

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My channel consists of HIGH-quality Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay so be sure to SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS! What you’ll expect from me are the NEW Updates, Tips and Tricks, and Black Ops 4 Best Class Setups! COD Black Ops 4 is a Multiplayer FPS game made by Treyarch.

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  1. Tell me what you thought! Hope you all enjoyed and make sure to come through at 6 PM EST to see me LIVE! #ChainFamily #NotificationSquad 🙂

  2. game was so amazing until reserves

  3. Today I got a 90GB update!!!!! What is this????

  4. yo this mans literally be playing bo4, and calling people fa**s and dirty gamers? LMAO. Also he said "I make 3K in 3 hours" Let's see him do some actual work in BO4 maybe I'll believe him…

  5. You're a great player, but your low sensitivity hurts to watch

  6. Stop putting spiders in your vids it’s annoying

  7. really thought the vmp was in this vid got trolled by thumbnail 🙁

  8. You good as hell bro you got ps4 we gotta link up

  9. This whole video i saw him die once and the videos cut all over. I feel like he cut all his deaths out lol

  10. Did no one see the vmp from bo3?

  11. “With blacks ops 4 right around the corner”😂😂0:03

  12. Stop putting spiders at the start of the vid I’m fucking eating

  13. 4o3 south 7th street

  14. i love your videos and hope to 1v1 u sometime.

  15. It's channels like these that inspires people like me
    with small youtube channel to continue on this youtube journey
    you content is always entertaining and on point so very well done
    you should give yourself a pat on the back
    all the best for the future and keep pushing out great videos

  16. It's gonna be the last dlc update not the last bo4 update lmfao

  17. Mannnnn f that spider …. ima still like the video tho

  18. I definitely have to unsubscribe because the beginning of your videos are starting to get annoying !! ✌

  19. Hey what gun do you use and I’ve been watching since yesterday and think your vids are cool keep it up

  20. dude was so disrespectful to the other team, Jesus. you earned a subscriber

  21. Bro chain feeds is so cringe he only good in pubs I would smack him

  22. Who likes gays anyways ta hell like for #homophobic squad and check my vids out

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