TITANFALL 2 Population Numbers Will Shock You

Titanfall 2 population numbers in 2019 will shock you. Titanfall 2 in 2019 has grown in popularity after the release of Apex Legends. Titanfall Population PC 2019 numbers are MUCH higher than last fall. Titanfall Population PS4 2019 numbers are also higher than last fall. Titanfall population Xbox One 2019 numbers are similar to last fall but Xbox One Titanfall 2 has always had a fairly consistent set of numbers. Titanfall 2 in 2019 is an awesome experience and still one of the best FPS…


  1. Titanfall 2 💛👍

  2. Who tryna play hmu?!

  3. I’m so glad more people play titan fall 2 I love this game

  4. In TF|2 I got G3 in just a week

  5. Best shooter out there

  6. 1:36 little did anyone know but that gun would be put into apex legends in October for season3

  7. HAHAHHAHAHA what a bullshit i mean if you like the machtmacking screen its the game for you make sure you have time if you whant to play because you will be waiting for over 45 minutes

  8. just installed this game via origin sub players online 707 pc number of games in 30mins 1 =(

  9. Who the fuck plays apex

  10. I love this game. Proud to see it finally expand thanks to Apex :’)

  11. Downloading it now! Going to play it again on PC! 🙂

  12. I was the incarnation of God with ronin, it's time to pick up my sword again.

  13. Loved TitanFall 2 when it came out. Boy when my mouse died i stopped. So now 1 1/2 years later I wanted to see if anyone was left and I'm heading back in tomorrow!

  14. I'm glad to hear that population that Titanfall 2 deserves. But still need more players in Asia region, usually take 10-20 mins to find a match

  15. TF2 means team fortress 2
    Just pointing that out

  16. Feels bad for the game dying again

  17. The reason why i play Apex is because I cant afford TF2 and I thirst for a Titan fall game.

  18. Im a big big fan of titanfall all, i have 1 big poster of the titanfall pic the sarah monarch and will buy everything im pro on it and love it.


  20. TBH, I feel bad paying the $10's I did to get this game…

    I should have gone out of my way to find the highest price it was going for online and bought 100…


  21. I'd buy 2 copies of titanfall 3. Like he said, titanfall 2 is an exceptional and very underated game.

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