Top 20 Best Tips and Tricks PUBG LITE Guide (PC)

Pubg Lite Best tips and tricks. Recoil control, Sensitivity, aim, Fast pick up,fast heal, quick mark, everything u need to know before u play pubg lite.
Best Tips and tricks for beginners.

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  1. Hope It Helps.
    Next Video Recoil control with HandCam.
    Working on the video.
    Please Stay Tune for That.
    Please Comment Below Which one is helpful for you.
    Please Share the video to help others too.

  2. these are not tips and tricks…its fucking common sense! XD RIP

  3. It's for the beginners

  4. Fucking nerd bored kid, dont open game until you know all these stuff from video.

  5. This video isn't really useful at all because these are some BASIC things a Gamer (player) will understand eventually as he plays the game…. btw
    Appreciate ur Hard work Bro….😊

  6. Thanks a lot sir please keep up the good work, this helped a lot.🙂

  7. Cheatepubg mobile lite me training mode he i nehi

  8. *real and actual tactics*:
    Flanking,supressing,defending and holding positions,clear before reviving team mates,using grenades to clear houses and kill without exposing yourself,ambushing at close or medium range,etc

  9. i'm the 77,777 viewer!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  10. banger tunes man, nice video

  11. Nah man, if u want to pick items faster u should drag them, cause if u just spam right click, u will pick items u dont need, scroll down or up then drag, practice it while moving

  12. #notahatecomment but you are just reading out the control manual

  13. is vikendi available in pubg lite yet?

  14. Anyone who already check out settings knew all this shit…

  15. name of the song?

  16. Bro new weapon has been released in pubg PC lite skorpion

  17. check my channel for PUB PC LITE game plays

  18. i play on really high , 70 all sensitivty on 1000dpi mouse

  19. What is the key to spectate other teammates

  20. Nice pro tips. Just basic stuff and controls smh.

  21. Honestly, guys use shroud setup and you will be fine! xD

  22. Kinda helped , ths

  23. all simple tricks bro. this vid should be titled as beginner tips

  24. The best tip to beat the game is alt+f4, but yall already know dat

  25. Lit stuff man really good channel appreciate ur work

  26. 1 trick for you guys
    Take a nade or flashbang,etc
    Do it low toss and throw it and in same time click the right mouse button
    You will see that the nade was is in low toss but it goes like upper toss and vice versa. If any question reply 😉

  27. I ued to watch this guy when he played mc5

  28. Just fucking controls. .where are the pro tips you fucking noob

  29. Buddy I will say don't show your settings to people with that I men the mouse sens cause then people will just copy it and not find their perfect sens just tell them how to find the perfect sens for them

  30. cross hair buddy good vid nonetheless.

  31. Bro Players Are New In PUBG
    Not New In This World!!!!

  32. Thank you so much. Very helping for beginner in pubg lite like me 👹❤️

  33. I think you forgets about map bigger and shorter by pressing "n"!!

  34. Shift not only zooms in, but holds breath for no weapon sway, it works on all weapons and scopes for a little while

  35. thanxx a lot man really helped!😍😍😍

  36. thanks !well explained . can u tell me best setting to get bright,colourful and graphics similar to pubg mobile in low end pc.


  38. thats the slowest way to loot dragging is way faster once u get gud at it

  39. i want to play it in usa already without a fucking vpn

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