Apex Legends – Season 3 Leaked PVE Event FULL Details!

New Apex Legends leaked PVE event coming in season 3! Fight Monsters, Complete Objectives, Earn coins! The ultimate test of survival!

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  1. This event sounds AMAZING, im beyond hyped to play it, yall gonna be grinding this mode when it comes out?

  2. Did anyone else click on this because of acnologia?

  3. I think the "zombies" will be hacked robots because zombies doesn't really belong in the Titanfall universe

  4. So i can see them creating the immortal character then. Where he has rise of the pheonix and it completely heals ur shields and health and that of ur team. And ehy they have one called theif that can steal shields and body armors. I hope all of this is true. It would be awesome

  5. 60 players put on 4 squads would be badass

  6. Didnt he use this game play already?

  7. This means this will sorta be like an mini storymode event for apex

  8. I would like if they released a evolve type monster in this game and some people could play as the monster.

  9. Do you not use ADS lol all i seen was hip fire your a beast!!!

  10. Is the thumb nail of fairy tail the bad dragon

  11. As much as i love leaks …. i feel like respawn should really secure there files and stuff more. I would kind of like to be surprised for once lol.

  12. Ain't that acnologia on the screen hahaha

  13. Sounds awesome.
    Bringing a bit of Titanfall to the game.

  14. What is that instrumental playin in the back

  15. Sounds like gameplay will be similar to The Cycle.

  16. I’m all about apex boi I tuned in so fast

  17. Clicked because of Acnologia. He better be in this video.

  18. 4:08 to 4:22 Everyone listen to this.

  19. I feel a jump scare from a prowler coming I think that's the monsters we are going to be fighting and they are scary as shit perfect for Halloween

  20. All those content r due to those who purchased the 200$ skins…so guys if u can't buy anything in game….don't bt plzz stop making issues

  21. What u have only 12k subs????…I thot atleast 100k min

  22. You did forget one thing. enemy TITANS!!

  23. Super hyped and hopefully

  24. All I care about is solos and cool skins.

  25. wattson going to be necessary is my guess for this pve

  26. Why is acnologia in the thumbnail?😂

  27. I was lost on the thumbnail, I was like is fairy tail crossover coming?

  28. Why don’t we talk about crypto

  29. evolve. I’m calling it now

  30. Probably flyers prowlers for the enemies

  31. Aww PVE, i can see my pc burning soon, rip my fps

  32. Are u fast or ur clips are all sped up

  33. I thought it was going to be something like COD zombies
    You know… Killing and passing rounds till death
    And I don't like the idea of more than your squad in the pve
    But if you just can ignore them, it's okay for me

  34. Man really used acnologia

  35. So far I’m getting a very Frontier Defense from Titanfall 2 feel from it. And if it’s anything like that, I’ll be super hyped. Papa Scorch all the way!

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