Apex Legends Update News! In Game Event + Solo Mode + Mobile Apex

Thanks for watching!! Subscribe for daily Apex Legends videos! In this video I cover the new Apex Legends Update News we got today. Some of the Apex Legends News includes info on future Apex Legends Updates like Apex Solo Mode a new Apex In Game Event and more! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!




  1. Drop a LIKE if you want solos!

  2. I wish they kept solo Mode I honestly had so much fun in it

  3. Hey bro we now know it was solo mode this was my first vid that I watched from you ever sinsce then I watch your vids when ever you drop them 👍💯🔥

  4. 🤣 I will apply for copyright for stealing my name.

  5. Is it true mobile gonna come to mobile
    plz don’t lie

  6. Some one said that apex was dead so u challenged to a one v one. Apex is not dead. Be they are

  7. If it comes out on mobile will we be able to play with Xbox and ps4 players or will it be like pubg mobile

  8. Fortnite- everyone
    Creative Destruction-indians
    Rules of Survival-Indians
    Knives out-Indians
    Apex Mobile- ??

  9. I don't like the idea of playing solo, I'll be boring

  10. Apex is gonna die without solos I’m tired of dealing with shitty ass ransoms who don’t land with you or help you out when your facing a whole squad FR FR is they don’t drop solos I’m gonna quit this game and go back to fortnite

  11. I really want solo cuz am tired of retarded players yelling when I am helping them

  12. i physically cringed when you dropped your flatline

  13. look at what they announced haha

  14. I think it will be awesome if they add crossplatform but the player can choose crossplatform server or a server with only his platform

  15. I'm expecting 30 or 40 pathfinders in one lobby

  16. Please come to mobile

  17. They should try and get a game mode with nothing bit fist to fight.everytime you get kills or a surtant number you get sheild no guns no throwables and just shields and your character skills

  18. Bruh don't tease me like that SOLO Will definitely help this game out and people to get better omg I dont have to carry nots anynoreeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Hope this is real because these randies are boardline retard.

  20. I think it wall running.

  21. i just want solos so im not the reason why the team loses

  22. If its solo yall have fun with 10 siplines in one area and all the wraiths phasing

  23. Would guess it being crossplay. Theye have already sayed its coming and its requested alot as well.

  24. Can anyone tell me what heirlooms are? I see wraith carrying a knife in a video? Is this hers? How do you get these?

  25. solo vs cross platform which one do you want first I say both

  26. Could it be cross play I feel like I've seen that requested more then solos I'd like solos just saying

  27. Hopefully a solo mode will weed out some of the quitters and the dumbasses who drop alone.

  28. Can apex have a costume private match

  29. Solos honestly I would enjoy that because I like playing on my own in random squads

  30. I wish they would do like squads of 6

  31. Th it wouldn't surprise me if they did solos with the amount of times it has loaded me into a game with out a team

  32. Do u have to talk about every single thing 3 times 😀

  33. Ummm can we get cross play

  34. Do you think cross play would come in

  35. Cross platform makes most sense. That way there's less bots.

  36. I have an idea for a new mode in apex it’s fireteam it’s a five man squad

  37. When do we get the mid season 2 update and new legend ?

  38. Pls no Solo. I mean, I main Wraith and Pathfinder, but Caustic players will have a pretty hard time. Some characters are just not made for Solo.
    And the whole meta would change in Solo, I can see it already. More camping than ever before…

    Changes the game truly needs:
    1. Better training mode.
    2. Crossgameplay (atleast between consoles, however I don't mind PC being involved, eventhough they're better on default.)

    Thing's I'd really like to have
    1. Some kind of campaign or story-mode.
    2. 5-player squads in a 10-squads match.
    3. Different maps (not just a changing map, but more different maps you'll randomly start in)
    4. An animated series!! (Like really, the cinematics so far are on fleek! )

    And if Solo becomes a thing, a 30Vs30 Mode would be awesome aswell. The only mode, I thought was enjoyable in Fortnite ( I really don't like Fortnite that much, dunno why people love that game. Except for the building part, the game is pretty boring and I am totally bad at fast building which is necessary as you die almost instantly in that game. And no, like really NO tactical value exists in that game..), could end up becoming a war-fest in Apex.


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