APEX STREAMER *HACKING* LIVE!! (PRANK) – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 158

APEX STREAMER CAUGHT *HACKING* LIVE!! (This is a prank, watch end of this video to understand it, the streamer wasn’t actually cheating) – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 158

Moments start at 1:31

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  1. In this video "https://www.twitch.tv/clearmo
    " wasn't actually cheating, if you watch end of our video at 11:30 you will see it was fake and it was all planned by Clearmo
    . Clearmo
    just got his twitch channel suspended wrongfully.

  2. I like how my clip is muted because I’m screaming and swearing LOL..

    I’m at 5:09 my new twitch is DuderusLive :}

  3. 7:44 best part of the video obviously… 😉

  4. スタヌ多くて草

  5. You actually sound like a robot tf

  6. Docs gun was just reloading that wasn't a glitch like he obviously thought it was

  7. all clearmos friends be doing the clara meme lol.

  8. Insta kill storm! Stop the camping! I find it extremely irritating when my teammates won't move.

  9. 4:22 who tf is that dude?
    How does he do that, like running or looking though weapons?

  10. Gets multiple kills…. "and then i crashed 😮" lol. Feels bad man

  11. 5:30 Lonsome_Sensei dude is funny af 😂

  12. Why do they call u mr path finder

  13. Is someone gonna talk about how impressive that was at 4:22

  14. Is someone gonna talk about how impressive that was at 4:22

  15. Skill can beat hacking as u saw when he got killed

  16. I think respawn should remove all hiding spots

  17. Stop reading out comments ffs if we wanted to see comments we would read them dont need u reading them out every single video put me off ur videos listening to that shit every time praising urself through comments

  18. Every single kill you get you will get 50 health or shields and maybe 20 % of their Ultimet love your vidz and keep up the good work

  19. What is my man at 4:25 using?

  20. Thank you for the feature in the video!

  21. Lol it’s a battle royale there’s no stopping camping no matter what you do if you plan to have a competitive scene .

  22. Dealling with campers make it 50 seconds without moving out if a 15 ft area and they get kicked for inactivity

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