Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition Unboxing (PS3)

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  1. hey you should stop saying fuck a lot

  2. Fake….hardened edition is only on next gen and PC

  3. Broncos fan let's go and nice video

  4. How do you get the intro?

  5. Can you down load the codes on the harden edition with local or do you have a psn account to redeem the codes

  6. Hey add me on ps3 iwillmp5ku I can show you glitches in zombies but i don't have nuketown zombies

  7. My psn is adamrivas(i know stupid psn) and coolay214 new psn

  8. The people at Walmart are stumped

  9. I played with omg Selena Gomez last night ( cerealkilla1109)

  10. Add me please Juicy_Juicer_29

  11. My psn is OpTic_C04t

  12. deleted someone so i can add you!

  13. No I don't have it to yes you can take our tokens

  14. @WeAreTeamING what's your Psn?

  15. I broke the inside plastic

  16. sick love the unboxing video i subed 2 u and i liked the video

  17. Thank you sooo much dude i felt * Feel* like an idiot…i wasnt sure if the hardened edition came with the game itself or if it was just all bonus stuff

  18. Tay here is a tip for you since you asked… put the camera down and use BOTH hands. You're welcome 😉

  19. I went through a lot of shit yes, fighting yes, with a manager at WalMart lol.

  20. Yeah, I got it already, found out right when I uploaded this 😛

  21. Target, yeah they fucked me over too! Watch my other video!

  22. Hey whare did u get the harednd like what store bec walmart fucked me over by giving me the hardend edtion for Xbox and not ps3 like i wanted. ive bin looking for houres

  23. thanks man! You're fucking awesome as well!

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