The Silph Road has officially announced the Twilight Cup for February.

◾The Twilight Cup Fariy, Dark, Poison and Ghost type Pokemon

◾Tournament details:

◾I’ll be highlighting a few Pokémon but going more in depth on specific Pokémon and moves in other videos.

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  1. And yes ghost resists poison and poison resists fairy🤦‍♂️

  2. Add me 5197 8208 9600 Only For Who Loves PVP. Thanks

  3. I don't have a Silph community or group near me 🙁 . I have one nearest our city but they are not accepting members right now.

  4. Why are you showing pokemon that are OVER the great league cp max for 18min of this video?

  5. Second move is allowed?

  6. Mightyena with Fire Fang May be a huge advantage to have. Almost every poison type is also Grass or Poison. Unless Peck is used, most types here will be naked against them

  7. On the Sharpedo bit, do not be tricked by the typing. Sharpedo against something with Infestation Fast move will blast it away

  8. Beedrill with X-Scissor and and any other move will cover Dark and it Grass/Poison with Aerial Ace. Poison Jab can mutilate the ignorant Fairy.

  9. Which fast attack should I use on crobat. ??pls make a video on this..bcaz we have twilight cup on 3 feb..
    So pls make as early as possible

  10. Can you have 1 alolan grimer and a regular grimer?

  11. really IV doesn't matter in pvp?

  12. "Official" unofficial tournament.

  13. I participated at my regional boulder cup and the winner had 3 skarmorys in his team . . . I didn't choose any hard counters for skarmory since I could deal with one easily, but not with two or three.

  14. How about Beedrill? He is pretty legit

  15. How is togetic ? Worth the investment?

  16. I have a tyra below 1500 but he has SmackDown now I'll tm him to get bite.

  17. Looking for.competitive pvp. Add.me 3998 9761 3339. Am sending gift daily..

  18. Waaait a min.. @ 20:02 why would he want a lower iv pokemon??

  19. I always find u put the most information in the quickest way thx

  20. Tentacruel all day boii. And have you done any testing on optimal iv? The test our community has done at 0-15-15 for example vs like a 10-10-10 is astronomical… wondering how your doing your testing. Our tests are fast moves only same moves

  21. February theme seem sooooo..hype

  22. With the given types, pokemon such as Sableye who have cp limits lower than the league limit which is 1500 cp will actually have the better advantage. In fact I bet some bug/poison types have max cp's under 1500 to give them an edge.

  23. wait dark beat ghost in confuse

  24. Niantic needs to get rid of the ultimate friend requirement for pvp. I'd love to do these tourneys, but I have zero time or interest in building up a buddy list for each one. There aren't any local for me.

  25. What if you don’t have a local group?

  26. I hated going against 3 skarmory

  27. But why is this useful and stuff. What do you win or stuff

  28. So I use Swalot on the regular and I freaking love man, it is always a nice surprise to bring in, it charges up fast too & is cheap for a second move! Try it!

  29. Does alolan muk and muk count as two separate species?

  30. This cup is going to be amazing can't wait.

  31. Yeah i think skunktank and alolan muk will be a constant threat

  32. No powerful spirittomb or it’s over 1500? Looking good there Sabeleye. Mawile has the steel/fairy. Aloan Muk/Skutank/Drapion only weak to ground help you create a starting point to build a team around

  33. I like to join this Arena cup .

  34. Can u get a Tyranitar under 1500cp? Since the tournament is 1500cp or under he wouldn’t be viable if not

  35. This gonna be fun😍 will make a small vid about my team tomorrow😁 but Ghost wont be that good tbh.
    Best of will probably be toxicrock, mawille and azumarill.
    Alolah muk will probably be a nice pick vs Ghost 😁
    Umbreon might be a good dark pick, cuz it have rly nice def/hp base stats.

    Gonna try out some later to confirm 😁

  36. Can’t wait 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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