1. I love both games. But there’s no reason to hate on Fortnite

  2. He protect he attack but most importantly he stopped that fortnite crap


  4. i like a PUBG 😎💪👌🤳

  5. Minecraft is best game fortnite is gay game

  6. honestly fortnite is better because mc gets boring after a while if ur not playing with friends. Even if you are playing with friends it still gets boring. There is not as much action happening in minecraft than there is fortnite

  7. Bro this is toxic.


  8. This vid both insulted me and i liked it

    Because i like minecraft a. n. d fortnite

  9. Can't look at this kids making crigey jokes about like ,,ahahaha god creating humans humans: fortnite better than Minecraft!!!! God: what have I done???!??" Please stop

  10. Meh I like both but Minecraft is life and my childhood

  11. Minecraft obviously. I mean who likes fortnite? (Besides my fortnite loving friends)

  12. I was in the store and I saw a fat kid wearing Fortnite merch…

    …he's now in my basement

  13. Clearly Minecraft is better, funner and more enjoyable

  14. Fortnite is better minecraft sucks

  15. Minecraft is the best

  16. Some person: fortnite is better than musical chairs

    Me: Mom.. call 911

  17. I’m a kid but I hate Fortnite like if you Agee

  18. Minecraft is the bessst

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